Beautiful Prayers of Akrura

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.48.27-30 - Beautiful Prayers of Akrura (download mp3), (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Vrishabanu Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.48.27
distya janardana bhavan iha nah pratito
 yogesvarair api durapa-gatih suresaih
chindhy asu nah suta-kalatra-dhanapta-geha-
 dehadi-moha-rasanam bhavadiya-mayam

It is by our great fortune, Janardana, that You are now visible to us, for even the masters of yoga and the foremost demigods can achieve this goal only with great difficulty. Please quickly cut the ropes of our illusory attachment for children, wife, wealth, influential friends, home and body. All such attachment is simply the effect of Your illusory material energy.

SB 10.48.28
ity arcitah samstutas ca
 bhaktena bhagavan harih
akruram sa-smitam praha
 girbhih sammohayann iva

[Sukadeva Gosvami continued:] Thus worshiped and fully glorified by His devotee, the Supreme Lord Hari smilingly addressed Akrura, completely charming him with His words.

SB 10.48.29
sri-bhagavan uvaca
tvam no guruh pitrvyas ca
 slaghyo bandhus ca nityada
vayam tu raksyah posyas ca
 anukampyah praja hi vah

The Supreme Lord said: You are Our spiritual master, paternal uncle and praiseworthy friend, and We are like your sons, always dependent on your protection, sustenance and compassion.

SB 10.48.30
bhavad-vidha maha-bhaga
 nisevya arha-sattamah
sreyas-kamair nrbhir nityam
 devah svartha na sadhavah

Exalted souls like you are the true objects of service and the most worshipable authorities for those who desire the highest good in life. Demigods are generally concerned with their own interests, but saintly devotees never are.

Whereas demigods may award material benefit, saintly devotees of the Lord have the power to award the real perfection of life, Krsna consciousness. Thus Lord Krsna reinforces the respectful mood He has adopted here toward His uncle Akrura.