Uniqueness of Spiritual Rasa

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.60.25-29 - Uniqueness of Spiritual Rasa (download mp3)
by Shyamananda Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.60.25
tad drstva bhagavan krsnah
 priyayah prema-bandhanam
hasya-praudhim ajanantyah
 karunah so ’nvakampata

Seeing that His beloved was so bound to Him in love that she could not understand the full meaning of His teasing, merciful Lord Krsna felt compassion for her.

SB 10.60.26
paryankad avaruhyasu
 tam utthapya catur-bhujah
kesan samuhya tad-vaktram
 pramrjat padma-panina

The Lord quickly got down from the bed. Manifesting four arms, He picked her up, gathered her hair and caressed her face with His lotus hand.

The Lord manifested four hands so He could do all of these things simultaneously.

SB 10.60.27-28
pramrjyasru-kale netre
 stanau copahatau suca
aslisya bahuna rajan
 ananya-visayam satim
santvayam asa santva-jñah
 krpaya krpanam prabhuh
 atad-arham satam gatih

Wiping her tear-filled eyes and her breasts, which were stained by tears of grief, the Supreme Lord, the goal of His devotees, embraced His chaste wife, who desired nothing but Him, O King. Expert in the art of pacification, Sri Krsna tenderly consoled pitiable Rukmini, whose mind was bewildered by His clever joking and who did not deserve to suffer so.

SB 10.60.29
sri-bhagavan uvaca
ma ma vaidarbhy asuyetha
 jane tvam mat-parayanam
tvad-vacah srotu-kamena
 ksvelyacaritam angane

The Supreme Lord said: O Vaidarbhi, do not be displeased with Me. I know that you are fully devoted to Me. I only spoke in jest, dear lady, because I wanted to hear what you would say.

According to Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti, Lord Krsna spoke the present verse because He thought that lovely Rukmini might be afraid He would again say something to disturb her, or that she might be angry at what He had done.