Krishna Loves to be Dependent Upon his Devotees

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.72.31-35 - Krishna Loves to be Dependent Upon his Devotees (download mp3) and (download mp4)
by Radhanath Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.72.31
na tvaya bhiruna yotsye
 yudhi viklava-tejasa
mathuram sva-purim tyaktva
 samudram saranam gatah

“But I will not fight with You, Krsna, for You are a coward. Your strength abandoned You in the midst of battle, and You fled Your own capital of Mathura to take shelter in the sea.

SB 10.72.32
ayam tu vayasatulyo
 nati-sattvo na me samah
arjuno na bhaved yoddha
 bhimas tulya-balo mama

“As for this one, Arjuna, he is not as old as I, nor is he very strong. Since he is no match for me, he should not be the contender. Bhima, however, is as strong as I am.”

SB 10.72.33
ity uktva bhimasenaya
 pradaya mahatim gadam
dvitiyam svayam adaya
 nirjagama purad bahih

Having said this, Jarasandha offered Bhimasena a huge club, took up another himself and went outside the city.

SB 10.72.34
tatah samekhale virau
 samyuktav itaretaram
jaghnatur vajra-kalpabhyam
 gadabhyam rana-durmadau

The two heroes thus began battling each other on the level fighting grounds outside the city. Maddened with the fury of combat, they struck each other with their lightning-bolt-like clubs.

SB 10.72.35
mandalani vicitrani
 savyam daksinam eva ca
caratoh susubhe yuddham
 natayor iva ranginoh

As they skillfully circled left and right, like actors dancing on a stage, the fight presented a magnificent spectacle.

Jarasandha and Bhima here demonstrate their expertise in the use of clubs. Thus it can be understood that both fighters were fearless and steady even in the rage of battle.