Dealing with the Weakness in Heart

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.49.01-11 - Dealing with the Weakness in Heart (download mp3)
by Shyamananda Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.49.1-2
sri-suka uvaca
sa gatva hastinapuram
dadarsa tatrambikeyam
 sa-bhismam viduram prtham
saha-putram ca bahlikam
 bharadvajam sa-gautamam
karnam suyodhanam draunim
 pandavan suhrdo ’paran

Sukadeva Gosvami said: Akrura went to Hastinapura, the city distinguished by the glory of the Paurava rulers. There he saw Dhrtarastra, Bhisma, Vidura and Kunti, along with Bahlika and his son Somadatta. He also saw Dronacarya, Krpacarya, Karna, Duryodhana, Asvatthama, the Pandavas and other close friends.

SB 10.49.3
yathavad upasangamya
 bandhubhir gandini-sutah
samprstas taih suhrd-vartam
 svayam caprcchad avyayam

After Akrura, the son of Gandini, had appropriately greeted all his relatives and friends, they asked him for news of their family members, and he in turn asked about their welfare.

SB 10.49.4
uvasa katicin masan
 raj├▒o vrtta-vivitsaya

He remained in Hastinapura for several months to scrutinize the conduct of the weak-willed King, who had bad sons and who was inclined to give in to the whims of mischievous advisers.

SB 10.49.5-6
teja ojo balam viryam
 prasrayadims ca sad-gunan
prajanuragam parthesu
 na sahadbhis cikirsitam
krtam ca dhartarastrair yad
 gara-danady apesalam
acakhyau sarvam evasmai
 prtha vidura eva ca

Kunti and Vidura described to Akrura in detail the evil intentions of Dhrtarastra’s sons, who could not tolerate the great qualities of Kunti’s sons — such as their powerful influence, military skill, physical strength, bravery and humility — or the intense affection the citizens had for them. Kunti and Vidura also told Akrura about how the sons of Dhrtarastra had tried to poison the Pandavas and carry out other such plots.

SB 10.49.7
prtha tu bhrataram praptam
 akruram upasrtya tam
uvaca janma-nilayam
 smaranty asru-kaleksana

Kuntidevi, taking advantage of her brother Akrura’s visit, approached him confidentially. While remembering her birthplace, she spoke with tears in her eyes.

SB 10.49.8
api smaranti nah saumya
 pitarau bhrataras ca me
bhaginyau bhratr-putras ca
 jamayah sakhya eva ca

[Queen Kunti said:] O gentle one, do my parents, brothers, sisters, nephews, family women and girlhood friends still remember us?

SB 10.49.9
bhratreyo bhagavan krsnah
 saranyo bhakta-vatsalah
paitr-svasreyan smarati
 ramas camburuheksanah

Does my nephew Krsna, the Supreme Personality and the compassionate shelter of His devotees, still remember His aunt’s sons? And does lotus-eyed Rama remember them also?

SB 10.49.10
sapatna-madhye socantim
 vrkanam harinim iva
santvayisyati mam vakyaih
 pitr-hinams ca balakan

Now that I am suffering in the midst of my enemies like a doe in the midst of wolves, will Krsna come to console me and my fatherless sons with His words?

SB 10.49.11
krsna krsna maha-yogin
 visvatman visva-bhavana
prapannam pahi govinda
 sisubhis cavasidatim

Krsna, Krsna! O great yogi! O Supreme Soul and protector of the universe! O Govinda! Please protect me, who have surrendered to You. I and my sons are being overwhelmed by trouble.

“Since Lord Krsna maintains the entire universe,” thought Kuntidevi, “surely He can protect our family.” The word avasidatim indicates that Kuntidevi was overwhelmed by troubles; thus exhausted, she was helplessly taking shelter of Sri Krsna. In her prayers in the First Canto of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, Kunti admits that all these troubles were actually a blessing, for they forced her to always be intensely Krsna conscious.