Taking our Relationship with Krishna on Another Level

by Vraja Bihari Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.71.21
 tirtva vinasanam harih
girin nadir atiyaya

As He traveled through the provinces of Anarta, Sauvira, Marudesa and Vinasana, Lord Hari crossed rivers and passed mountains, cities, villages, cow pastures and quarries.

SB 10.71.22
tato drsadvatim tirtva
 mukundo ’tha sarasvatim
pañcalan atha matsyams ca
 sakra-prastham athagamat

After crossing the rivers Drsadvati and Sarasvati, He passed through Pañcala and Matsya and finally came to Indraprastha.

SB 10.71.23
tam upagatam akarnya
 prito durdarsanam nrnam
ajata-satrur niragat
 sopadhyayah suhrd-vrtah

King Yudhisthira was delighted to hear that the Lord, whom human beings rarely see, had now arrived. Accompanied by his priests and dear associates, the King came out to meet Lord Krsna.

SB 10.71.24
 brahma-ghosena bhuyasa
abhyayat sa hrsikesam
 pranah pranam ivadrtah

As songs and musical instruments resounded along with the loud vibration of Vedic hymns, the King went forth with great reverence to meet Lord Hrsikesa, just as the senses go forth to meet the consciousness of life.

Lord Krsna is here described as Hrsikesa, the Lord of the senses, and King Yudhisthira’s rushing to the Lord is compared to the senses eagerly joining the consciousness of life. Without consciousness, the senses are useless; indeed, the senses function through consciousness. Similarly, when the individual souls are bereft of Krsna consciousness, love of God, they enter into a useless and illusory struggle called material existence. Pure devotees like King Yudhisthira are never bereft of the Lord’s association, for they keep Him always within their heart, and yet they feel special ecstasy when they see the Lord after long separation, as described here.