Controlling Senses By Practising Brahmacarya

Srimad Bhagavatam 07.12.01-06 - Controlling Senses By Practising Brahmacarya (download mp3)
HG Prabhupada Caran Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty.

 SB 7.12.1
sri-narada uvaca
brahmacari guru-kule
vasan danto guror hitam
acaran dasavan nico
gurau sudrdha-sauhrdah

Narada Muni said: A student should practice completely controlling his senses. He should be submissive and should have an attitude of firm friendship for the spiritual master. With a great vow, the brahmacari should live at the guru-kula, only for the benefit of the guru.

SB 7.12.2
sayam pratar upasita
sandhye ubhe ca yata-vag
japan brahma samahitah

At both junctions of day and night, namely, in the early morning and in the evening, he should be fully absorbed in thoughts of the spiritual master, fire, the sun-god and Lord Visnu and by chanting the Gayatri mantra he should worship them.

SB 7.12.3
chandamsy adhiyita guror
ahutas cet suyantritah
upakrame 'vasane ca
caranau sirasa namet

Being called by the spiritual master, the student should study the Vedic mantras regularly. Every day, before beginning his studies and at the end of his studies, the disciple should respectfully offer obeisances unto the spiritual master.

SB 7.12.4
bibhryad upavitam ca
darbha-panir yathoditam

Carrying pure kusa grass in his hand, the brahmacari should dress regularly with a belt of straw and with deerskin garments. He should wear matted hair, carry a rod and waterpot and be decorated with a sacred thread, as recommended in the sastras.

SB 7.12.5
sayam pratas cared bhaiksyam
gurave tan nivedayet
bhuñjita yady anujñato
no ced upavaset kvacit

The brahmacari should go out morning and evening to collect alms, and he should offer all that he collects to the spiritual master. He should eat only if ordered to take food by the spiritual master; otherwise, if the spiritual master does not give this order, he may sometimes have to fast.

SB 7.12.6
susilo mita-bhug daksah
sraddadhano jitendriyah
yavad-artham vyavaharet
strisu stri-nirjitesu ca

A brahmacari should be quite well behaved and gentle and should not eat or collect more than necessary. He must always be active and expert, fully believing in the instructions of the spiritual master and the sastra. Fully controlling his senses, he should associate only as much as necessary with women or those controlled by women.

A brahmacari should be very careful not to mix with women or with men addicted to women. Although when he goes out to beg alms it is necessary to talk with women and with men very much attached to women, this association should be very short, and he should talk with them only about begging alms, and not more. A brahmacari should be very careful in associating with men who are attached to women.