Bhakta-Vatsala Makes Lord Complete

Srimad Bhagavatam 08.07.23-26 - Bhakta-Vatsala Makes Lord Complete (download mp3)
by Radhika Vallabha Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 8.7.23
guna-mayya sva-saktyasya
sarga-sthity-apyayan vibho
dhatse yada sva-drg bhuman

O lord, you are self-effulgent and supreme. You create this material world by your personal energy, and you assume the names Brahma, Visnu and Mahesvara when you act in creation, maintenance and annihilation.

This prayer is actually offered to Lord Visnu, the purusa, who in His incarnations as the guna-avataras assumes the names Brahma, Visnu and Mahesvara.

SB 8.7.24
tvam brahma paramam guhyam
nana-saktibhir abhatas
tvam atma jagad-isvarah

You are the cause of all causes, the self-effulgent, inconceivable, impersonal Brahman, which is originally Para-brahman. You manifest various potencies in this cosmic manifestation.

This prayer is offered to the impersonal Brahman, which consists of the effulgent rays of Para-brahman. Para-brahman is the Supreme Personality of Godhead (param brahma param dhama pavitram paramam bhavan [Bg. 10.12]). When Lord Siva is worshiped as Para-brahman, the worship is meant for Lord Visnu.

SB 8.7.25
tvam sabda-yonir jagad-adir atma
pranendriya-dravya-gunah svabhavah
kalah kratuh satyam rtam ca dharmas
tvayy aksaram yat tri-vrd-amananti

O lord, you are the original source of Vedic literature. You are the original cause of material creation, the life force, the senses, the five elements, the three modes and the mahat-tattva. You are eternal time, determination and the two religious systems called truth [satya] and truthfulness [rta]. You are the shelter of the syllable om, which consists of three letters a-u-m.

SB 8.7.26
agnir mukham te 'khila-devatatma
ksitim vidur loka-bhavanghri-pankajam
kalam gatim te 'khila-devatatmano
disas ca karnau rasanam jalesam

O father of all planets, learned scholars know that fire is your mouth, the surface of the globe is your lotus feet, eternal time is your movement, all the directions are your ears, and Varuna, master of the waters, is your tongue.

In the sruti-mantras it is said, agnih sarva-devatah: "Fire is the aggregate of all demigods." Agni is the mouth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is through Agni, or fire, that the Lord accepts all sacrificial oblations.