Shaping The Mind To Accept Reality

Srimad Bhagavatam 8.11.09-12 - Shaping The Mind To Accept Reality (download mp3)
by Kaustubha Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 8.11.9
na vayam manyamananam
atmanam tatra sadhanam
giro vah sadhu-socyanam
grhnimo marma-tadanah

You demigods think that your own selves are the cause of your attaining fame and victory. Because of your ignorance, saintly persons feel sorry for you. Therefore, although your words afflict the heart, we do not accept them.

SB 8.11.10
sri-suka uvaca
ity aksipya vibhum viro
naracair vira-mardanah
aksepair aha tam punah

Sukadeva Gosvami said: After thus rebuking Indra, King of heaven, with sharp words, Bali Maharaja, who could subdue any other hero, drew back to his ear the arrows known as naracas and attacked Indra with these arrows. Then he again chastised Indra with strong words.

SB 8.11.11
evam nirakrto devo
vairina tathya-vadina
namrsyat tad-adhiksepam
totrahata iva dvipah

Since Maharaja Bali's rebukes were truthful, King Indra did not at all become sorry, just as an elephant beaten by its driver's rod does not become agitated.

SB 8.11.12
praharat kulisam tasma
amogham para-mardanah
sayano nyapatad bhumau
chinna-paksa ivacalah

When Indra, the defeater of enemies, released his infallible thunderbolt scepter at Bali Maharaja with a desire to kill him, Bali Maharaja indeed fell to the ground with his airplane, like a mountain with its wings cut off.

In many descriptions in Vedic literature it is found that mountains also fly in the sky with wings. When such mountains are dead, they fall to the ground, where they stay as very large dead bodies.