Spirituality Means Thorough Cleansing Of Heart

Srimad Bhagavatam 08.10.01-06 - Spirituality Means Thorough Cleansing Of Heart (download mp3)
by Yugal Kishor Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 8.10.1
sri-suka uvaca
iti danava-daiteya
navindann amrtam nrpa
yuktah karmani yattas ca

Sukadeva Gosvami said: O King, the demons and Daityas all engaged with full attention and effort in churning the ocean, but because they were not devotees of Vasudeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, they were not able to drink the nectar.

SB 8.10.2
sadhayitvamrtam rajan
payayitva svakan suran
pasyatam sarva-bhutanam
yayau garuda-vahanah

O King, after the Supreme Personality of Godhead had brought to completion the affairs of churning the ocean and feeding the nectar to the demigods, who are His dear devotees, He left the presence of them all and was carried by Garuda to His own abode.

SB 8.10.3
sapatnanam param rddhim
drstva te diti-nandanah
amrsyamana utpetur
devan pratyudyatayudhah

Seeing the victory of the demigods, the demons became intolerant of their superior opulence. Thus they began to march toward the demigods with raised weapons.

SB 8.10.4
tatah sura-ganah sarve
sudhaya pitayaidhitah
pratisamyuyudhuh sastrair

Thereafter, being enlivened because of drinking the nectar, the demigods, who are always at the shelter of the lotus feet of Narayana, used their various weapons to counterattack the demons in a fighting spirit.

SB 8.10.5
tatra daivasuro nama
ranah parama-darunah
rodhasy udanvato rajams
tumulo roma-harsanah

O King, a fierce battle on the beach of the ocean of milk ensued between the demigods and the demons. The fighting was so terrible that simply hearing about it would make the hair on one's body stand on end.

SB 8.10.6
tatranyonyam sapatnas te
sarabdha-manaso rane
samasadyasibhir banair
nijaghnur vividhayudhaih

Both parties in that fight were extremely angry at heart, and in enmity they beat one another with swords, arrows and varieties of other weapons.

There are always two kinds of men in this universe, not only on this planet but also in higher planetary systems. All the kings dominating planets like the sun and moon also have enemies like Rahu. It is because of occasional attacks upon the sun and moon by Rahu that eclipses take place. The fighting between the demons and demigods is perpetual; it cannot be stopped unless intelligent persons from both sides take to Krsna consciousness.