Strength Of Being Packed In Association

Srimad Bhagavatam 8.9.19-21 - Strength Of Being Packed In Association (download mp3)
by Radhika Ramana Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 8.9.19
asuranam sudha-danam
sarpanam iva durnayam
matva jati-nrsamsanam
na tam vyabhajad acyutah

Demons are by nature crooked like snakes. Therefore, to distribute a share of the nectar to them was not at all feasible, since this would be as dangerous as supplying milk to a snake. Considering this, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who never falls down, did not deliver a share of nectar to the demons.

It is said, sarpah krurah khalah krurah sarpat kruratarah khalah: "The snake is very crooked and envious, and so also is a person like a demon." Mantrausadhi-vasah sarpah khalah kena nivaryate: "One can bring a snake under control with mantras, herbs and drugs, but an envious and crooked person cannot be brought under control by any means." Considering this logic, the Supreme Personality of Godhead thought it unwise to distribute nectar to the demons.

SB 8.9.20
kalpayitva prthak panktir
ubhayesam jagat-patih
tams copavesayam asa
svesu svesu ca panktisu

The Supreme Personality of Godhead as Mohini-murti, the master of the universe, arranged separate lines of sitting places and seated the demigods and demons according to their positions.

SB 8.9.21
daityan grhita-kalaso
vañcayann upasañcaraih
dura-sthan payayam asa
jara-mrtyu-haram sudham

Taking the container of nectar in Her hands, She first approached the demons, satisfied them with sweet words and thus cheated them of their share of the nectar. Then She administered the nectar to the demigods, who were sitting at a distant place, to make them free from invalidity, old age and death.

Mohini-murti, the Personality of Godhead, gave the demigods seats at a distance. Then She approached the demons and spoke with them very graciously, so that they thought themselves very fortunate to talk with Her. Since Mohini-murti had seated the demigods at a distant place, the demons thought that the demigods would get only a little of the nectar and that Mohini-murti was so pleased with the demons that She would give the demons all the nectar. The words vañcayann upasañcaraih indicate that the Lord's whole policy was to cheat the demons simply by speaking sweet words. The Lord's intention was to distribute the nectar only to the demigods.