Striving For The Real Nectar

Srimad Bhagavatam 08.09.25-26 - Striving For The Real Nectar (download mp3)
by Muralidhar Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty   

SB 8.9.25
cakrena ksura-dharena
jahara pibatah sirah
haris tasya kabandhas tu
sudhayaplavito 'patat

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, using His disc, which was sharp like a razor, at once cut off Rahu's head. When Rahu's head was severed from his body, the body, being untouched by the nectar, could not survive.

When the Personality of Godhead, Mohini-murti, severed Rahu's head from his body, the head remained alive although the body died. Rahu had been drinking nectar through his mouth, and before the nectar entered his body, his head was cut off. Thus Rahu's head remained alive whereas the body died. This wonderful act performed by the Lord was meant to show that nectar is miraculous ambrosia.

SB 8.9.26
siras tv amaratam nitam
ajo graham aciklpat
yas tu parvani candrarkav
abhidhavati vaira-dhih

Rahu's head, however, having been touched by the nectar, became immortal. Thus Lord Brahma accepted Rahu's head as one of the planets. Since Rahu is an eternal enemy of the moon and the sun, he always tries to attack them on the nights of the full moon and the dark moon.

Since Rahu had become immortal, Lord Brahma accepted him as one of the grahas, or planets, like the moon and the sun. Rahu, however, being an eternal enemy of the moon and sun, attacks them periodically during the nights of the full moon and the dark moon.