Developing The Culture Of Blessings

Srimad Bhagavatam 08.15.29-31 - Developing The Culture Of Blessings (download mp3)
by Dayal Chandra Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 8.15.29
ojasvinam balim jetum
na samartho 'sti kascana
bhavad-vidho bhavan vapi
varjayitvesvaram harim
vijesyati na ko 'py enam
nasya saktah purah sthatum
krtantasya yatha janah

Neither you nor your men can conquer the most powerful Bali. Indeed, no one but the Supreme Personality of Godhead can conquer him, for he is now equipped with the supreme spiritual power [brahma-tejas]. As no one can stand before Yamaraja, no one can now stand before Bali Maharaja.

SB 8.15.30
tasman nilayam utsrjya
yuyam sarve tri-vistapam
yata kalam pratiksanto
yatah satror viparyayah

Therefore, waiting until the situation of your enemies is reversed, you should all leave this heavenly planet and go elsewhere, where you will not be seen.

SB 8.15.31
esa vipra-balodarkah
sampraty urjita-vikramah
tesam evapamanena
sanubandho vinanksyati

Bali Maharaja has now become extremely powerful because of the benedictions given him by the brahmanas, but when he later insults the brahmanas, he will be vanquished, along with his friends and assistants.

Bali Maharaja and Indra were enemies. Therefore, when Brhaspati, the spiritual master of the demigods, predicted that Bali Maharaja would be vanquished when he insulted the brahmanas by whose grace he had become so powerful, Bali Maharaja's enemies were naturally anxious to know when that opportune moment would come. To pacify King Indra, Brhaspati assured him that the time would certainly come, for Brhaspati could see that in the future Bali Maharaja would defy the orders of Sukracarya in order to pacify Lord Visnu, Vamanadeva. Of course, to advance in Krsna consciousness, one can take all risks. To please Vamanadeva, Bali Maharaja risked defying the orders of his spiritual master, Sukracarya. Because of this, he would lose all his property, yet because of devotional service to the Lord, he would get more than he expected, and in the future, in the eighth manvantara, he would occupy the throne of Indra again.