The Compassionate Nature Of A Devotee

Srimad Bhagavatam 08.19.05-10 - The Compassionate Nature Of A Devotee (download mp3)
by Muralidhar Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 8.19.5
yato jato hiranyaksas
carann eka imam mahim
prativiram dig-vijaye
navindata gadayudhah

It was in your dynasty that Hiranyaksa was born. Carrying only his own club, he wandered the globe alone, without assistance, to conquer all directions, and no hero he met could rival him.

SB 8.19.6
yam vinirjitya krcchrena
visnuh ksmoddhara agatam
atmanam jayinam mene
tad-viryam bhury anusmaran

When delivering the earth from the Garbhodaka Sea, Lord Visnu, in His incarnation as a boar, killed Hiranyaksa, who had appeared before Him. The fight was severe, and the Lord killed Hiranyaksa with great difficulty. Later, as the Lord thought about the uncommon prowess of Hiranyaksa, He felt Himself victorious indeed.

SB 8.19.7
nisamya tad-vadham bhrata
hiranyakasipuh pura
hantum bhratr-hanam kruddho
jagama nilayam hareh

When Hiranyakasipu heard the news of his brother's being killed, with great anger he went to the residence of Visnu, the killer of his brother, wanting to kill Lord Visnu.

SB 8.19.8
tam ayantam samalokya
sula-panim krtantavat
cintayam asa kala-jño
visnur mayavinam varah

Seeing Hiranyakasipu coming forward bearing a trident in his hand like personified death, Lord Visnu, the best of all mystics and the knower of the progress of time, thought as follows.

SB 8.19.9
yato yato 'ham tatrasau
mrtyuh prana-bhrtam iva
ato 'ham asya hrdayam
praveksyami parag-drsah

Wheresoever I go, Hiranyakasipu will follow Me, as death follows all living entities. Therefore it is better for Me to enter the core of his heart, for then, because of his power to see only externally, he will not see Me.

SB 8.19.10
evam sa niscitya ripoh sariram
adhavato nirvivise 'surendra
tat-prana-randhrena vivigna-cetah

Lord Vamanadeva continued: O King of the demons, after Lord Visnu made this decision, He entered the body of His enemy Hiranyakasipu, who was running after Him with great force. In a subtle body inconceivable to Hiranyakasipu, Lord Visnu, who was in great anxiety, entered Hiranyakasipu's nostril along with his breath.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead is already in the core of everyone's heart. Isvarah sarva-bhutanam hrd-dese 'rjuna tisthati (Bg. 18.61). Logically, therefore, it was not at all difficult for Lord Visnu to enter Hiranyakasipu's body. The word vivigna-cetah, "very anxious," is significant. It is not that Lord Visnu was afraid of Hiranyakasipu; rather, because of compassion, Lord Visnu was in anxiety about how to act for his welfare.