Integrity An Integral Part Of Bhakti

Srimad Bhagavatam 08.20.24-33 - Integrity An Integral Part Of Bhakti (download mp3)
by Vraja Bihari Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 8.20.24
sandhyam vibhor vasasi guhya aiksat
prajapatiñ jaghane atma-mukhyan
nabhyam nabhah kuksisu sapta-sindhun
urukramasyorasi carksa-malam

Bali Maharaja saw beneath the garments of the Lord, who acts wonderfully, the evening twilight. In the Lord's private parts he saw the Prajapatis, and in the round portion of the waist he saw himself with his confidential associates. In the Lord's navel he saw the sky, on the Lord's waist he saw the seven oceans, and on the Lord's bosom he saw all the clusters of stars.

SB 8.20.25-29
hrdy anga dharmam stanayor murarer
rtam ca satyam ca manasy athendum
sriyam ca vaksasy aravinda-hastam
kanthe ca samani samasta-rephan
indra-pradhanan amaran bhujesu
tat-karnayoh kakubho dyaus ca murdhni
kesesu meghañ chvasanam nasikayam
aksnos ca suryam vadane ca vahnim
vanyam ca chandamsi rase jalesam
bhruvor nisedham ca vidhim ca paksmasu
ahas ca ratrim ca parasya pumso
manyum lalate 'dhara eva lobham
sparse ca kamam nrpa retasambhah
prsthe tv adharmam kramanesu yajñam
chayasu mrtyum hasite ca mayam
tanu-ruhesv osadhi-jatayas ca
nadis ca nadisu sila nakhesu
buddhav ajam deva-ganan rsims ca
pranesu gatre sthira-jangamani
sarvani bhutani dadarsa virah

My dear King, on the heart of Lord Murari he saw religion; on the chest, both pleasing words and truthfulness; in the mind, the moon; on the bosom, the goddess of fortune, with a lotus flower in her hand; on the neck, all the Vedas and all sound vibrations; on the arms, all the demigods, headed by King Indra; in both ears, all the directions; on the head, the upper planetary systems; on the hair, the clouds; in the nostrils, the wind; on the eyes, the sun; and in the mouth, fire. From His words came all the Vedic mantras, on His tongue was the demigod of water, Varunadeva, on His eyebrows were the regulative principles, and on His eyelids were day and night. [When His eyes were open it was daytime, and when they were closed it was night.] On His forehead was anger, and on His lips was greed. O King, in His touch were lusty desires, in His semen were all the waters, on His back was irreligion, and in His wonderful activities or steps was the fire of sacrifice. On His shadow was death, in His smile was the illusory energy, and on the hairs of His body were all the drugs and herbs. In His veins were all the rivers, on His nails were all the stones, in His intelligence were Lord Brahma, the demigods and the great saintly persons, and throughout His entire body and senses were all living entities, moving and stationary. Bali Maharaja thus saw everything in the gigantic body of the Lord.

SB 8.20.30
sarvatmanidam bhuvanam niriksya
sarve 'surah kasmalam apur anga
sudarsanam cakram asahya-tejo
dhanus ca sarngam stanayitnu-ghosam

O King, when all the demons, the followers of Maharaja Bali, saw the universal form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who held everything within His body, when they saw in the Lord's hand His disc, known as the Sudarsana cakra, which generates intolerable heat, and when they heard the tumultuous sound of His bow, all of these caused lamentation within their hearts.

SB 8.20.31
parjanya-ghoso jalajah pañcajanyah
kaumodaki visnu-gada tarasvini
vidyadharo 'sih sata-candra-yuktas
tunottamav aksayasayakau ca

The Lord's conchshell, named Pañcajanya, which made sounds like that of a cloud; the very forceful club named Kaumodaki; the sword named Vidyadhara, with a shield decorated with hundreds of moonlike spots; and also Aksayasayaka, the best of quivers—all of these appeared together to offer prayers to the Lord.

SB 8.20.32-33
sunanda-mukhya upatasthur isam
parsada-mukhyah saha-loka-palah
raraja rajan bhagavan urukramah
ksitim padaikena baler vicakrame
nabhah sarirena disas ca bahubhih

These associates, headed by Sunanda and other chief associates and accompanied by all the predominating deities of the various planets, offered prayers to the Lord, who wore a brilliant helmet, bracelets, and glittering earrings that resembled fish. On the Lord's bosom were the lock of hair called Srivatsa and the transcendental jewel named Kaustubha. He wore a yellow garment, covered by a belt, and He was decorated by a flower garland, surrounded by bees. Manifesting Himself in this way, O King, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose activities are wonderful, covered the entire surface of the earth with one footstep, the sky with His body, and all directions with His arms.

One might argue, "Since Bali Maharaja promised Vamanadeva only the land occupied by His steps, why did Lord Vamanadeva occupy the sky also?" In this regard, Srila Jiva Gosvami says that the steps include everything, downward and upward. When one stands up, he certainly occupies certain parts of the sky and certain portions of the earth below his feet. Thus there was nothing uncommon for the Supreme Personality of Godhead when He occupied the entire sky with His body.