Science Of Krsna's Protection

Srimad Bhagavatam 08.23.03-06 - Science Of Krsna's Protection (download mp3)
by Radha Vallabha Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

 SB 8.23.3
sri-suka uvaca
ity uktva harim anatya
brahmanam sabhavam tatah
vivesa sutalam prito
balir muktah sahasuraih

Sukadeva Gosvami continued: After speaking in this way, Bali Maharaja offered his obeisances first to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, and then to Lord Brahma and Lord Siva. Thus he was released from the bondage of the naga-pasa [the ropes of Varuna], and in full satisfaction he entered the planet known as Sutala.

SB 8.23.4
evam indraya bhagavan
pratyaniya trivistapam
purayitvaditeh kamam
asasat sakalam jagat

Thus having delivered the proprietorship of the heavenly planets to Indra and having fulfilled the desire of Aditi, mother of the demigods, the Supreme Personality of Godhead ruled the affairs of the universe.

SB 8.23.5
labdha-prasadam nirmuktam
pautram vamsa-dharam balim
nisamya bhakti-pravanah
prahrada idam abravit

When Prahlada Maharaja heard how Bali Maharaja, his grandson and descendant, had been released from bondage and had achieved the benediction of the Lord, he spoke as follows in a tone of greatly ecstatic devotion.

SB 8.23.6
sri-prahrada uvaca
nemam viriñco labhate prasadam
na srir na sarvah kim utapare 'nye
yan no 'suranam asi durga-palo
visvabhivandyair abhivanditanghrih

Prahlada Maharaja said: O Supreme Personality of Godhead, You are universally worshiped; even Lord Brahma and Lord Siva worship Your lotus feet. Yet although You are such a great personality, You have kindly promised to protect us, the demons. I think that such kindness has never been achieved even by Lord Brahma, Lord Siva or the goddess of fortune, Laksmi, what to speak of other demigods or common people.

The word durga-pala is significant. The word durga means "that which does not go very easily." Generally durga refers to a fort, which one cannot very easily enter. Another meaning of durga is "difficulty." Because the Supreme Personality of Godhead promised to protect Bali Maharaja and his associates from all dangers, He is addressed here as durga-pala, the Lord who gives protection from all miserable conditions.