Inspirations For The New Year

Srimad Bhagavatam 09.10.21-22 - Inspirations For The New Year (download mp3)
by Adi Keshava Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

  SB 9.10.21
raksah-patih sva-bala-nastim aveksya rusta
aruhya yanakam athabhisasara ramam
svah-syandane dyumati matalinopanite
vibhrajamanam ahanan nisitaih ksurapraih

Thereafter, when Ravana, the king of the Raksasas, observed that his soldiers had been lost, he was extremely angry. Thus he mounted his airplane, which was decorated with flowers, and proceeded toward Lord Ramacandra, who sat on the effulgent chariot brought by Matali, the chariot driver of Indra. Then Ravana struck Lord Ramacandra with sharp arrows.

SB 9.10.22
ramas tam aha purusada-purisa yan nah
kantasamaksam asatapahrta svavat te
tyakta-trapasya phalam adya jugupsitasya
yacchami kala iva kartur alanghya-viryah

Lord Ramacandra said to Ravana: You are the most abominable of the man-eaters. Indeed, you are like their stool. You resemble a dog, for as a dog steals eatables from the kitchen in the absence of the householder, in My absence you kidnapped My wife, Sitadevi. Therefore as Yamaraja punishes sinful men, I shall also punish you. You are most abominable, sinful and shameless. Today, therefore, I, whose attempt never fails, shall punish you.

Na ca daivat param balam: no one can surpass the strength of the Transcendence. Ravana was so sinful and shameless that he did not know what the result would be of kidnapping mother Sita, the pleasure potency of Ramacandra. This is the disqualification of the Raksasas. Asatyam apratistham te jagad ahur anisvaram [Bg. 16.8]. The Raksasas are unaware that the Supreme Lord is the ruler of the creation. They think that everything has come about by chance or accident and that there is no ruler, king or controller. Therefore the Raksasas act independently, as they like, going even so far as to kidnap the goddess of fortune. This policy of Ravana's is extremely dangerous for the materialist; indeed, it brings ruin to the materialistic civilization. Nonetheless, because atheists are Raksasas, they dare to do things that are most abominable, and thus they are punished without fail. Religion consists of the orders of the Supreme Lord, and one who carries out these orders is religious. One who fails to carry out the Lord's orders is irreligious, and he is to be punished.