Everyone Is Equal On The Level Spiritual Consciousness

Srimad Bhagavatam 09.14.24-36 - Everyone Is Equal On The Level Spiritual Consciousness (download mp3)
by Drutakarma Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 9.14.24
taya sa purusa-srestho
ramayantya yatharhatah
reme sura-viharesu
kamam caitrarathadisu

Sukadeva Gosvami continued: The best of human beings, Pururava, began freely enjoying the company of Urvasi, who engaged in sexual activities with him in many celestial places, such as Caitraratha and Nandana-kanana, where the demigods enjoy.

SB 9.14.25
ramamanas taya devya
mumude 'har-ganan bahun

Urvasi's body was as fragrant as the saffron of a lotus. Being enlivened by the fragrance of her face and body, Pururava enjoyed her company for many days with great jubilation.

SB 9.14.26
apasyann urvasim indro
gandharvan samacodayat
urvasi-rahitam mahyam
asthanam natisobhate

Not seeing Urvasi in his assembly, the King of heaven, Lord Indra, said, "Without Urvasi my assembly is no longer beautiful." Considering this, he requested the Gandharvas to bring her back to his heavenly planet.

SB 9.14.27
te upetya maha-ratre
tamasi pratyupasthite
urvasya uranau jahrur
nyastau rajani jayaya
Thus the Gandharvas came to earth, and at midnight, when everything was dark, they appeared in the house of Pururava and stole the two lambs entrusted to the King by his wife, Urvasi.

"The dead of night" refers to midnight. The maha-nisa is described in this smrti-mantra: maha-nisa dve ghatike ratrer madhyama-yamayoh, "Twelve o'clock midnight is called the dead of night."

SB 9.14.28
nisamyakranditam devi
putrayor niyamanayoh
hatasmy aham kunathena
napumsa vira-manina
Urvasi treated the two lambs like her own sons. Therefore, when they were being taken by the Gandharvas and began crying, Urvasi heard them and rebuked her husband. "Now I am being killed," she said, "under the protection of an unworthy husband, who is a coward and a eunuch although he thinks himself a great hero.

SB 9.14.29
yad-visrambhad aham nasta
hrtapatya ca dasyubhih
yah sete nisi santrasto
yatha nari diva puman

"Because I depended on him, the plunderers have deprived me of my two sons the lambs, and therefore I am now lost. My husband lies down at night in fear, exactly like a woman, although he appears to be a man during the day."

SB 9.14.30
iti vak-sayakair biddhah
pratottrair iva kuñjarah
nisi nistrimsam adaya
vivastro 'bhyadravad rusa

Pururava, stricken by the sharp words of Urvasi like an elephant struck by its driver's pointed rod, became very angry. Not even dressing himself properly, he took a sword in hand and went out naked into the night to follow the Gandharvas who had stolen the lambs.

SB 9.14.31
te visrjyoranau tatra
vyadyotanta sma vidyutah
adaya mesav ayantam
nagnam aiksata sa patim

After giving up the two lambs, the Gandharvas shone brightly like lightning, thus illuminating the house of Pururava. Urvasi then saw her husband returning with the lambs in hand, but he was naked, and therefore she left.

SB 9.14.32
ailo 'pi sayane jayam
apasyan vimana iva
tac-citto vihvalah socan
babhramonmattavan mahim

No longer seeing Urvasi on his bed, Pururava was most aggrieved. Because of his great attraction for her, he was very much disturbed. Thus, lamenting, he began traveling about the earth like a madman.

SB 9.14.33
sa tam viksya kuruksetre
sarasvatyam ca tat-sakhih
pañca prahrsta-vadanah
praha suktam pururavah

Once during his travels all over the world, Pururava saw Urvasi, accompanied by five companions, on the bank of the Sarasvati at Kuruksetra. With jubilation in his face, he then spoke to her in sweet words as follows.

SB 9.14.34
aho jaye tistha tistha
ghore na tyaktum arhasi
mam tvam adyapy anirvrtya
vacamsi krnavavahai

O my dear wife, O most cruel one, kindly stay, kindly stay. I know that I have never made you happy until now, but you should not give me up for that reason. This is not proper for you. Even if you have decided to give up my company, let us nonetheless talk for some time.

SB 9.14.35
sudeho 'yam pataty atra
devi duram hrtas tvaya
khadanty enam vrka grdhras
tvat-prasadasya naspadam

O goddess, now that you have refused me, my beautiful body will fall down here, and because it is unsuitable for your pleasure, it will be eaten by foxes and vultures.

SB 9.14.36
urvasy uvaca
ma mrthah puruso 'si tvam
ma sma tvadyur vrka ime
kvapi sakhyam na vai strinam
vrkanam hrdayam yatha

Urvasi said: My dear King, you are a man, a hero. Don't be impatient and give up your life. Be sober and don't allow the senses to overcome you like foxes. Don't let the foxes eat you. In other words, you should not be controlled by your senses. Rather, you should know that the heart of a woman is like that of a fox. There is no use making friendship with women.

Canakya Pandita has advised, visvaso naiva kartavyah strisu raja-kulesu ca: "Never place your faith in a woman or a politician." Unless elevated to spiritual consciousness, everyone is conditioned and fallen, what to speak of women, who are less intelligent than men. Women have been compared to sudras and vaisyas (striyo vaisyas tatha sudrah [Bg. 9.32]). On the spiritual platform, however, when one is elevated to the platform of Krsna consciousness, whether one is a man, woman, sudra or whatever, everyone is equal. Otherwise, Urvasi, who was a woman herself and who knew the nature of women, said that a woman's heart is like that of a sly fox. If a man cannot control his senses, he becomes a victim of such sly foxes. But if one can control the senses, there is no chance of his being victimized by sly, foxlike women. Canakya Pandita has also advised that if one has a wife like a sly fox, he must immediately give up his life at home and go to the forest.mata yasya grhe nasti
bharya capriya-vadini
aranyam tena gantavyam
yatharanyam tatha grham
(Canakya-sloka 57)

Krsna conscious grhasthas must be very careful of the sly fox woman. If the wife at home is obedient and follows her husband in Krsna consciousness, the home is welcome. Otherwise one should give up one's home and go to the forest.

hitvatma-patam grham andha-kupam
vanam gato yad dharim asrayeta
(SB 7.5.5)

One should go to the forest and take shelter of the lotus feet of Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.