The Dynasty of Maharaja Nimi

Srimad Bhagavatam 09.13.04-05 - The Dynasty of Maharaja Nimi (download mp3)
by Drutakarma Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

 SB 9.13.4
sisya-vyatikramam viksya
tam nirvartyagato guruh
asapat patatad deho
nimeh pandita-maninah

After completing the sacrificial performance for King Indra, the spiritual master Vasistha returned and found that his disciple Maharaja Nimi had disobeyed his instructions. Thus Vasistha cursed him, saying, "May the material body of Nimi, who considers himself learned, immediately fall."

SB 9.13.5
nimih pratidadau sapam
gurave 'dharma-vartine
tavapi patatad deho
lobhad dharmam ajanatah

For unnecessarily cursing him when he had committed no offense, Maharaja Nimi countercursed his spiritual master. "For the sake of getting contributions from the King of heaven," he said, "you have lost your religious intelligence. Therefore I pronounce this curse: your body also will fall."

The religious principle for a brahmana is that he should not be greedy at all. In this case, however, for the sake of more lucrative remunerations from the King of heaven, Vasistha neglected Maharaja Nimi's request on this planet, and when Nimi performed the sacrifices with other priests, Vasistha unnecessarily cursed him. When one is infected by contaminated activities, his power, material or spiritual, reduces. Although Vasistha was the spiritual master of Maharaja Nimi, because of his greed he became fallen.