Srila Prabhupada's Preaching Vs Maharaj Bharat's Ruling

Srimad Bhagavatam 09.20.28-33 - Srila Prabhupada's Preaching Vs Maharaj Bharat's Ruling (download mp3)
by Radha Gopinath Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 9.20.28
mrga├▒ chukla-datah krsnan
hiranyena parivrtan
adat karmani masnare
niyutani caturdasa

When Maharaja Bharata performed the sacrifice known as Masnara [or a sacrifice in the place known as Masnara], he gave in charity fourteen lakhs of excellent elephants with white tusks and black bodies, completely covered with golden ornaments.

SB 9.20.29
bharatasya mahat karma
na purve napare nrpah
naivapur naiva prapsyanti
bahubhyam tridivam yatha

As one cannot approach the heavenly planets simply by the strength of his arms (for who can touch the heavenly planets with his hands?), one cannot imitate the wonderful activities of Maharaja Bharata. No one could perform such activities in the past, nor will anyone be able to do so in the future.

SB 9.20.30
kirata-hunan yavanan
paundran kankan khasa├▒ chakan
abrahmanya-nrpams cahan
mlecchan dig-vijaye 'khilan

When Maharaja Bharata was on tour, he defeated or killed all the Kiratas, Hunas, Yavanas, Paundras, Kankas, Khasas, Sakas and the kings who were opposed to the Vedic principles of brahminical culture.

SB 9.20.31
jitva purasura devan
ye rasaukamsi bhejire
deva-striyo rasam nitah
pranibhih punar aharat

Formerly, after conquering the demigods, all the demons had taken shelter in the lower planetary system known as Rasatala and had brought all the wives and daughters of the demigods there also. Maharaja Bharata, however, rescued all those women, along with their associates, from the clutches of the demons, and he returned them to the demigods.

SB 9.20.32
sarvan kaman duduhatuh
prajanam tasya rodasi
samas tri-nava-sahasrir
diksu cakram avartayat

Maharaja Bharata provided all necessities for his subjects, both on this earth and in the heavenly planets, for twenty-seven thousand years. He circulated his orders and distributed his soldiers in all directions.

SB 9.20.33
sa samrad loka-palakhyam
aisvaryam adhirat sriyam
cakram caskhalitam pranan
mrsety upararama ha

As the ruler of the entire universe, Emperor Bharata had the opulences of a great kingdom and unconquerable soldiers. His sons and family had seemed to him to be his entire life. But finally he thought of all this as an impediment to spiritual advancement, and therefore he ceased from enjoying it.

Maharaja Bharata had incomparable opulence in sovereignty, soldiers, sons, daughters and everything for material enjoyment, but when he realized that all such material opulences were useless for spiritual advancement, he retired from material enjoyment. The Vedic civilization enjoins that after a certain age, following in the footsteps of Maharaja Bharata, one should cease to enjoy material opulences and should take the order of vanaprastha.