Glories of Supreme Lord

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.04.31-35 - Glories of Supreme Lord (download mp3)
by Radha Vallabha Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.4.31
evam cet tarhi bhojendra
anirdasan nirdasams ca
hanisyamo 'dya vai sisun

If this is so, O King of the Bhoja dynasty, beginning today we shall kill all the children born in all the villages, towns and pasturing grounds within the past ten days or slightly more.

SB 10.4.32
kim udyamaih karisyanti
devah samara-bhiravah
nityam udvigna-manaso
jya-ghosair dhanusas tava

The demigods always fear the sound of your bowstring. They are constantly in anxiety, afraid of fighting. Therefore, what can they do by their endeavors to harm you?

SB 10.4.33
asyatas te sara-vratair
hanyamanah samantatah
jijivisava utsrjya
palayana-para yayuh

While being pierced by your arrows, which you discharged on all sides, some of them, who were injured by the multitude of arrows but who desired to live, fled the battlefield, intent on escaping.

SB 10.4.34
kecit praƱjalayo dina
nyasta-sastra divaukasah
mukta-kaccha-sikhah kecid
bhitah sma iti vadinah

Defeated and bereft of all weapons, some of the demigods gave up fighting and praised you with folded hands, and some of them, appearing before you with loosened garments and hair, said, "O lord, we are very much afraid of you."

SB 10.4.35
na tvam vismrta-sastrastran
virathan bhaya-samvrtan
hamsy anyasakta-vimukhan
bhagna-capan ayudhyatah

When the demigods are bereft of their chariots, when they forget how to use weapons, when they are fearful or attached to something other than fighting, or when their bows are broken and they have thus lost the ability to fight, Your Majesty does not kill them.

There are principles that govern even fighting. If an enemy has no chariot, is unmindful of the fighting art because of fear, or is unwilling to fight, he is not to be killed. Kamsa's ministers reminded Kamsa that despite his power, he was cognizant of the principles of fighting, and therefore he had excused the demigods because of their incapability. "But the present emergency," the ministers said, "is not intended for such mercy or military etiquette. Now you should prepare to fight under any circumstances." Thus they advised Kamsa to give up the traditional etiquette in fighting and chastise the enemy at any cost.