Aghasura's attitude of selective mentality

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.12.14-18 - Aghasura's attitude of selective mentality (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Radhika Vallabha Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.12.14
drstvarbhakan krsna-mukhan aghasurah
 kamsanusistah sa baki-bakanujah
ayam tu me sodara-nasa-krt tayor
 dvayor mamainam sa-balam hanisye

Aghasura, who had been sent by Kamsa, was the younger brother of Putana and Bakasura. Therefore when he came and saw Krsna at the head of all the cowherd boys, he thought, “This Krsna has killed my sister and brother, Putana and Bakasura. Therefore, in order to please them both, I shall kill this Krsna, along with His assistants, the other cowherd boys.”

SB 10.12.15
ete yada mat-suhrdos tilapah
 krtas tada nasta-sama vrajaukasah
prane gate varsmasu ka nu cinta
 prajasavah prana-bhrto hi ye te

Aghasura thought: If somehow or other I can make Krsna and His associates serve as the last offering of sesame and water for the departed souls of my brother and sister, then the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi, for whom these boys are the life and soul, will automatically die. If there is no life, there is no need for the body; consequently, when their sons are dead, naturally all the inhabitants of Vraja will die.

SB 10.12.16
iti vyavasyajagaram brhad vapuh
 sa yojanayama-mahadri-pivaram
dhrtvadbhutam vyatta-guhananam tada
 pathi vyaseta grasanasaya khalah

After thus deciding, that crooked Aghasura assumed the form of a huge python, as thick as a big mountain and as long as eight miles. Having assumed this wonderful python’s body, he spread his mouth like a big cave in the mountains and lay down on the road, expecting to swallow Krsna and His associates the cowherd boys.

SB 10.12.17
dharadharostho jaladottarostho
 dary-anananto giri-srnga-damstrah
dhvantantar-asyo vitatadhva-jihvah

His lower lip rested on the surface of the earth, and his upper lip was touching the clouds in the sky. The borders of his mouth resembled the sides of a big cave in a mountain, and the middle of his mouth was as dark as possible. His tongue resembled a broad traffic-way, his breath was like a warm wind, and his eyes blazed like fire.

SB 10.12.18
drstva tam tadrsam sarve
 matva vrndavana-sriyam
 hy utpreksante sma lilaya

Upon seeing this demon’s wonderful form, which resembled a great python, the boys thought that it must be a beautiful scenic spot of Vrndavana. Thereafter, they imagined it to be similar to the mouth of a great python. In other words, the boys, unafraid, thought that it was a statue made in the shape of a great python for the enjoyment of their pastimes.

Some of the boys, upon seeing this wonderful phenomenon, thought that it was in fact a python, and they were fleeing from the spot. But others said, “Why are you fleeing? It is not possible that a python like this is staying here. This is a spot of beauty for sporting.” This is what they imagined.