Does Krishna get Bored

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.12.20-24 - Does Krishna get Bored (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Rohini Priya Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.12.20
satyam arka-kararaktam
 uttara-hanuvad ghanam
adhara-hanuvad rodhas

Thereafter they decided: Dear friends, this is certainly an animal sitting here to swallow us all. Its upper lip resembles a cloud reddened by the sunshine, and its lower lip resembles the reddish shadows of a cloud.

SB 10.12.21
pratispardhete srkkabhyam
 savyasavye nagodare
tunga-srngalayo ’py etas
 tad-damstrabhis ca pasyata

On the left and right, the two depressions resembling mountain caves are the corners of its mouth, and the high mountain peaks are its teeth.

SB 10.12.22
astrtayama-margo ’yam
 rasanam pratigarjati
esam antar-gatam dhvantam
 etad apy antar-ananam

In length and breadth the animal’s tongue resembles a broad traffic-way, and the inside of its mouth is very, very dark, like a cave in a mountain.

SB 10.12.23
davosna-khara-vato ’yam
 svasavad bhati pasyata
 ’py antar-amisa-gandhavat

The hot fiery wind is the breath coming out of his mouth, which is giving off the bad smell of burning flesh because of all the dead bodies he has eaten.

SB 10.12.24
asman kim atra grasita nivistan
 ayam tatha ced bakavad vinanksyati
ksanad aneneti bakary-usan-mukham
 viksyoddhasantah kara-tadanair yayuh

Then the boys said, “Has this living creature come to swallow us? If he does so, he will immediately be killed like Bakasura, without delay.” Thus they looked at the beautiful face of Krsna, the enemy of Bakasura, and, laughing loudly and clapping their hands, they entered the mouth of the python.

After talking about the terrible animal this way and that way, they decided to enter the demon’s mouth. They had full faith in Krsna because they had experienced how Krsna had saved them from the mouth of Bakasura. Now, here was another asura, Aghasura. Therefore, they wanted to enjoy the sport of entering the demon’s mouth and being saved by Krsna, the enemy of Bakasura.