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Srimad Bhagavatam 10.12.25-28 - Nectar Drops from recent Cruise Yatra (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Srinathji Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.12.25
ittham mitho ’tathyam ataj-jña-bhasitam
 srutva vicintyety amrsa mrsayate
rakso viditvakhila-bhuta-hrt-sthitah
 svanam niroddhum bhagavan mano dadhe

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krsna, who is situated as antaryami, the Supersoul, in the core of everyone’s heart, heard the boys talking among themselves about the artificial python. Unknown to them, it was actually Aghasura, a demon who had appeared as a python. Krsna, knowing this, wanted to forbid His associates to enter the demon’s mouth.

SB 10.12.26
tavat pravistas tv asurodarantaram
 param na girnah sisavah sa-vatsah
pratiksamanena bakari-vesanam
 hata-sva-kanta-smaranena raksasa

In the meantime, while Krsna was considering how to stop them, all the cowherd boys entered the mouth of the demon. The demon, however, did not swallow them, for he was thinking of his own relatives who had been killed by Krsna and was just waiting for Krsna to enter his mouth.

SB 10.12.27
tan viksya krsnah sakalabhaya-prado
 hy ananya-nathan sva-karad avacyutan
dinams ca mrtyor jatharagni-ghasan
 ghrnardito dista-krtena vismitah

Krsna saw that all the cowherd boys, who did not know anyone but Him as their Lord, had now gone out of His hand and were helpless, having entered like straws into the fire of the abdomen of Aghasura, who was death personified. It was intolerable for Krsna to be separated from His friends the cowherd boys. Therefore, as if seeing that this had been arranged by His internal potency, Krsna was momentarily struck with wonder and unsure of what to do.

SB 10.12.28
krtyam kim atrasya khalasya jivanam
 na va amisam ca satam vihimsanam
dvayam katham syad iti samvicintya
 jñatvavisat tundam asesa-drg gharih

Now, what was to be done? How could both the killing of this demon and the saving of the devotees be performed simultaneously? Krsna, being unlimitedly potent, decided to wait for an intelligent means by which He could simultaneously save the boys and kill the demon. Then He entered the mouth of Aghasura.

Krsna is known as ananta-virya-sarvajña because everything is known to Him. Because He knows everything perfectly well, it was not difficult for Him to find a means by which He could save the boys and at the same time kill the demon. Thus He also decided to enter the demon’s mouth.