Humility acceses Krisha's Mercy

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.14.11 - Humility acceses Krisha's Mercy (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Radhanath Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.14.11
kvaham tamo-mahad-aham-kha-caragni-var-bhu-
 vatadhva-roma-vivarasya ca te mahitvam

What am I, a small creature measuring seven spans of my own hand? I am enclosed in a potlike universe composed of material nature, the total material energy, false ego, ether, air, water and earth. And what is Your glory? Unlimited universes pass through the pores of Your body just as particles of dust pass through the openings of a screened window.

In the Caitanya-caritamrta, Adi-lila, Chapter Five, text 72, Srila Prabhupada gives the following purport for this verse: “Then Lord Brahma, after having stolen all Krsna’s calves and cowherd boys, returned and saw that the calves and boys were still roaming with Krsna, he offered this prayer in his defeat. A conditioned soul, even one so great as Brahma, who manages the affairs of the entire universe, cannot compare to the Personality of Godhead, for He can produce numberless universes simply by the spiritual rays emanating from the pores of His body. Material scientists should take lessons from the utterances of Sri Brahma regarding our insignificance in comparison with God. In these prayers of Brahma there is much to learn for those who are falsely puffed up by the accumulation of power.”

In Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Chapter Fourteen, Srila Prabhupada further comments on this verse: “Lord Brahma realized his actual position. He is certainly the supreme teacher of this universe, in charge of the production of material nature, consisting of the complete material energy, false ego, sky, air, fire, water and earth. Such a universe may be gigantic, but it can be measured, just as we measure our body as seven spans. Generally, everyone’s personal bodily measurement is calculated to be seven spans of his hand. This particular universe may appear to be a very gigantic body, but it is nothing but the measurement of seven spans for Lord Brahma.

“Aside from this universe, there are unlimited other universes outside the jurisdiction of this particular Lord Brahma. Just as innumerable atomic infinitesimal fragments pass through the holes of a screened window, so millions and trillions of universes in their seedling form are coming out from the bodily pores of Maha-Visnu, and that Maha-Visnu is but a part of the plenary expansion of Krsna. Under these circumstances, although Lord Brahma is the supreme creature within this universe, what is his importance in the presence of Lord Krsna?”