Krishna's Beauty and Charming are all Attractive

by Candramauli Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.15.40
atha tala-phalany adan
 manusya gata-sadhvasah
trnam ca pasavas cerur

People now felt free to return to the forest where Dhenuka had been killed, and without fear they ate the fruits of the palm trees. Also, the cows could now graze freely upon the grass there.

According to the acaryas, low-class people such as the pulindas ate the fruits of the palm trees, but Krsna’s cowherd boyfriends considered them undesirable, since they had been tainted with the blood of the asses.

SB 10.15.41
krsnah kamala-patraksah
stuyamano ’nugair gopaih
 sagrajo vrajam avrajat

Then lotus-eyed Lord Sri Krsna, whose glories are most pious to hear and chant, returned home to Vraja with His elder brother, Balarama. Along the way, the cowherd boys, His faithful followers, chanted His glories.

When the glories of Sri Krsna are vibrated, both the speakers and the hearers are purified and become pious.

SB 10.15.42
tam gorajas-churita-kuntala-baddha-barha-
venum kvanantam anugair upagita-kirtim
 gopyo didrksita-drso ’bhyagaman sametah

Lord Krsna’s hair, powdered with the dust raised by the cows, was decorated with a peacock feather and forest flowers. The Lord glanced charmingly and smiled beautifully, playing upon His flute while His companions chanted His glories. The gopis, all together, came forward to meet Him, their eyes very eager to see Him.

Superficially, the gopis were young married girls, and therefore they would naturally be ashamed and fearful of casting loving glances at a beautiful young boy like Sri Krsna. But Sri Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and all living beings are His eternal servants. Thus the gopis, although the most pure-hearted of all great souls, did not hesitate to come forward and satisfy their love-struck eyes by drinking in the sight of beautiful young Krsna. The gopis also relished the sweet sound of His flute and the enchanting fragrance of His body.