Lord Krishna subduing Kaliya

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.16.32-34 - Lord Krishna subduing Kaliya (download mp3)
by Akinchana Krishna Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.16.32

tas tam su-vigna-manaso ’tha puraskrtarbhah
 kayam nidhaya bhuvi bhuta-patim pranemuh
sadhvyah krtaƱjali-putah samalasya bhartur
 moksepsavah sarana-dam saranam prapannah

Their minds very much disturbed, those saintly ladies placed their children before them and then bowed down to the Lord of all creatures, laying their bodies flat upon the ground. They desired the liberation of their sinful husband and the shelter of the Supreme Lord, the giver of ultimate shelter, and thus they folded their hands in supplication and approached Him.

SB 10.16.33

naga-patnya ucuh
nyayyo hi dandah krta-kilbise ’smims
 tavavatarah khala-nigrahaya
ripoh sutanam api tulya-drstir
 dhatse damam phalam evanusamsan

The wives of the Kaliya serpent said: The punishment this offender has been subjected to is certainly just. After all, You have incarnated within this world to curb down envious and cruel persons. You are so impartial that You look equally upon Your enemies and Your own sons, for when You impose a punishment on a living being You know it to be for his ultimate benefit.

SB 10.16.34

anugraho ’yam bhavatah krto hi no
 dando ’satam te khalu kalmasapahah
yad dandasukatvam amusya dehinah
 krodho ’pi te ’nugraha eva sammatah

What You have done here is actually mercy for us, since the punishment You give to the wicked certainly drives away all their contamination. Indeed, because this conditioned soul, our husband, is so sinful that he has assumed the body of a serpent, Your anger toward him is obviously to be understood as Your mercy.

Srila Madhvacarya points out in this connection that when a pious person suffers in this world, he realizes, “The punishment the Supreme Lord is meting out to me is actually His causeless mercy.” Envious persons, however, even after being punished by the Lord for their purification, continue to envy Him and be resentful, and this attitude is the reason for their continued failure to understand the Absolute Truth.