The Illusion of Science

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.16.47-48 - The illusion of science (download mp3)
by Nandadulal Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.16.47

hrsikesa namas te ’stu
 munaye mauna-siline

O Lord Hrsikesa, master of the senses, please let us offer our obeisances unto You, whose pastimes are inconceivably glorious. Your existence can be inferred from the necessity for a creator and revealer of all cosmic manifestations. But although Your devotees can understand You in this way, to the nondevotees You remain silent, absorbed in self-satisfaction.

SB 10.16.48

 sarvadhyaksaya te namah
avisvaya ca visvaya
 tad-drastre ’sya ca hetave

Obeisances unto You, who know the destination of all things, superior and inferior, and who are the presiding regulator of all that be. You are distinct from the universal creation, and yet You are the basis upon which the illusion of material creation evolves, and also the witness of this illusion. Indeed, You are the root cause of the entire world.

The words para and avara indicate superior, subtle elements and inferior, gross ones. The words also indicate superior personalities — devotees of the Lord — and inferior personalities, who are unaware of the glories of God. Lord Krsna knows the destiny of all superior and inferior entities, animate and inanimate, and as the Supreme Absolute Truth He remains in His unique position above everything, as indicated by the word sarvadhyaksaya.