Wake up to Environmental Dangers

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.16.23-25 - Wake up to Environmental Dangers (download mp3)
by Sankirtan Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.16.23
ittham sva-gokulam ananya-gatim niriksya
 sa-stri-kumaram ati-duhkhitam atma-hetoh
ajñaya martya-padavim anuvartamanah
 sthitva muhurtam udatisthad uranga-bandhat

The Lord remained for some time within the coils of the serpent, imitating the behavior of an ordinary mortal. But when He understood that the women, children and other residents of His village of Gokula were in acute distress because of their love for Him, their only shelter and goal in life, He immediately rose up from the bonds of the Kaliya serpent.

SB 10.16.24
tat-prathyamana-vapusa vyathitatma-bhogas
 tyaktvonnamayya kupitah sva-phanan bhujangah
tasthau svasañ chvasana-randhra-visambarisa-
 stabdheksanolmuka-mukho harim iksamanah

His coils tormented by the expanding body of the Lord, Kaliya released Him. In great anger the serpent then raised his hoods high and stood still, breathing heavily. His nostrils appeared like vessels for cooking poison, and the staring eyes in his face like firebrands. Thus the serpent looked at the Lord.

SB 10.16.25
tam jihvaya dvi-sikhaya parilelihanam
 dve srkvani hy ati-karala-visagni-drstim
kridann amum parisasara yatha khagendro
 babhrama so ’py avasaram prasamiksamanah

Again and again Kaliya licked his lips with his bifurcated tongues as He stared at Krsna with a glance full of terrible, poisonous fire. But Krsna playfully circled around him, just as Garuda would play with a snake. In response, Kaliya also moved about, looking for an opportunity to bite the Lord.

Lord Krsna moved around the serpent so skillfully that Kaliya could find no opportunity to bite Him. Thus the snake was defeated by Sri Krsna’s transcendental agility.