Contentment is the Key for Spiritual Happiness

by Vrishabhanu Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

 SB 10.20.29
dadhy-odanam samanitam
 silayam salilantike
sambhojaniyair bubhuje
 gopaih sankarsananvitah

Lord Krsna would take His meal of boiled rice and yogurt, sent from home, in the company of Lord Sankarsana and the cowherd boys who regularly ate with Him. They would all sit down to eat on a large stone near the water.

SB 10.20.30-31
sadvalopari samvisya
 carvato militeksanan
trptan vrsan vatsataran
 gas ca svodho-bhara-sramah
pravrt-sriyam ca tam viksya
bhagavan pujayam cakre

Lord Krsna watched the contented bulls, calves and cows sitting on the green grass and grazing with closed eyes, and He saw that the cows were tired from the burden of their heavy milk bags. Thus observing the beauty and opulence of Vrndavana’s rainy season, a perennial source of great happiness, the Lord offered all respect to that season, which was expanded from His own internal potency.

The lush beauty of the rainy season in Vrndavana is meant to enhance the pleasure pastimes of Sri Krsna. Thus, to set the scene for the Lord’s loving affairs, His internal potency makes all the arrangements described in this chapter.