Faith Ushers Krishna's Miracle

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.19.13-14 - Faith Ushers Krishna's Miracle (download mp3)
by Shubha Vilas Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.19.13
tatas ca te ’ksiny unmilya
 punar bhandiram apitah
nisamya vismita asann
 atmanam gas ca mocitah

The cowherd boys opened their eyes and were amazed to find not only that they and the cows had been saved from the terrible fire but that they had all been brought back to the Bhandira tree.

SB 10.19.14
krsnasya yoga-viryam tad
davagner atmanah ksemam
 viksya te menire ’maram

When the cowherd boys saw that they had been saved from the forest fire by the Lord’s mystic power, which is manifested by His internal potency, they began to think that Krsna must be a demigod.

The cowherd boys of Vrndavana simply loved Krsna as their only friend and exclusive object of devotion. To increase their ecstasy, Krsna displayed to them His mystic potency and saved them from a terrible forest fire.

The cowherd boys could never give up their ecstatic loving friendship with Krsna. Therefore, rather than considering Krsna to be God, after they saw His extraordinary power they thought that perhaps He was a demigod. But since Lord Krsna was their beloved friend, they were on the same level with Him, and thus they thought that they too must be demigods. In this way Krsna’s cowherd friends became overwhelmed with ecstasy.