Twins Without Mother are Insufficient

SB-10-20-40-41 - Twins Without Mother are Insufficient (download mp3)
by Radhika Vallabha Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.20.40
niscalambur abhut tusnim
 samudrah sarad-agame
atmany uparate samyan
 munir vyuparatagamah

With the arrival of autumn, the ocean and the lakes became silent, their water still, just like a sage who has desisted from all material activities and given up his recitation of Vedic mantras.

One recites ordinary Vedic mantras for material promotion, mystic power and impersonal salvation. But when a sage is completely free of personal desire, he vibrates the transcendental glories of the Supreme Lord exclusively.

SB 10.20.41
kedarebhyas tv apo ’grhnan
 karsaka drdha-setubhih
yatha pranaih sravaj j├▒anam
 tan-nirodhena yoginah

In the same way that the practitioners of yoga bring their senses under strict control to check their consciousness from flowing out through the agitated senses, the farmers erected strong mud banks to keep the water within their rice fields from draining out.

Srila Prabhupada comments: “In autumn, farmers save the water within the fields by building strong walls so that the water contained within the field cannot run out. There is hardly any hope for new rainfall; therefore they want to save whatever is in the field. Similarly, a person who is actually advanced in self-realization protects his energy by controlling the senses. It is advised that after the age of fifty one should retire from family life and conserve the energy of the body for utilization in the advancement of Krsna consciousness. Unless one is able to control the senses and engage them in the transcendental loving service of Mukunda, there is no possibility of salvation.”