Snake Of False Ego

SB 10.34.16-20 - Snake Of False Ego (download mp3), (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Radhanath Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.34.16
prapanno ’smi maha-yogin
 maha-purusa sat-pate
anujanihi mam deva

O master of mystic power, O great personality, O Lord of the devotees, I surrender to You. Please command me as You will, O supreme God, Lord of all lords of the universe.

SB 10.34.17
brahma-dandad vimukto ’ham
 sadyas te ’cyuta darsanat
yan-nama grhnann akhilan
 srotrn atmanam eva ca
sadyah punati kim bhuyas
 tasya sprstah pada hi te

O infallible one, I was immediately freed from the brahmanas’ punishment simply by seeing You. Anyone who chants Your name purifies all who hear his chanting, as well as himself. How much more beneficial, then, is the touch of Your lotus feet?

SB 10.34.18
ity anuj├▒apya dasarham
 parikramyabhivandya ca
sudarsano divam yatah
 krcchran nandas ca mocitah

Thus receiving the permission of Lord Krsna, the demigod Sudarsana circumambulated Him, bowed down to offer Him homage and then returned to his heavenly planet. Nanda Maharaja was thus delivered from peril.

SB 10.34.19
nisamya krsnasya tad atma-vaibhavam
 vrajaukaso vismita-cetasas tatah
samapya tasmin niyamam punar vrajam
 nrpayayus tat kathayanta adrtah

The inhabitants of Vraja were astonished to see the mighty power of Sri Krsna. Dear King, they then completed their worship of Lord Siva and returned to Vraja, along the way respectfully describing Krsna’s powerful acts.

SB 10.34.20
kadacid atha govindo
 ramas cadbhuta-vikramah
vijahratur vane ratryam
 madhya-gau vraja-yositam

Once Lord Govinda and Lord Rama, the performers of wonderful feats, were playing in the forest at night with the young girls of Vraja.

This verse introduces a new pastime. According to the acaryas, the occasion mentioned here is the Holika-purnima, a day also known as Gaura-purnima.