Advaita Acharya Symbol of Compassion

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.37.01-06 - Advaita Acharya Symbol of Compassion (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Candramauli Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.37.1-2
sri-suka uvaca
kesi tu kamsa-prahitah khurair mahim
 maha-hayo nirjarayan mano-javah
 kurvan nabho hesita-bhisitakhilah
tam trasayantam bhagavan sva-gokulam
 tad-dhesitair vala-vighurnitambudam
atmanam ajau mrgayantam agra-nir
 upahvayat sa vyanadan mrgendra-vat

Sukadeva Gosvami said: The demon Kesi, sent by Kamsa, appeared in Vraja as a great horse. Running with the speed of the mind, he tore up the earth with his hooves. The hairs of his mane scattered the clouds and the demigods’ airplanes throughout the sky, and he terrified everyone present with his loud neighing.

When the Supreme Personality of Godhead saw how the demon was frightening His village of Gokula by neighing terribly and shaking the clouds with his tail, the Lord came forward to meet him. Kesi was searching for Krsna to fight, so when the Lord stood before him and challenged him to approach, the horse responded by roaring like a lion.

SB 10.37.3
sa tam nisamyabhimukho makhena kham
 pibann ivabhyadravad aty-amarsanah
jaghana padbhyam aravinda-locanam
 durasadas canda-javo duratyayah

Seeing the Lord standing before him, Kesi ran toward Him in extreme rage, his mouth gaping as if to swallow up the sky. Rushing with furious speed, the unconquerable and unapproachable horse demon tried to strike the lotus-eyed Lord with his two front legs.

SB 10.37.4
tad vañcayitva tam adhoksajo rusa
 pragrhya dorbhyam parividhya padayoh
savajñam utsrjya dhanuh-satantare
 yathoragam tarksya-suto vyavasthitah

But the transcendental Lord dodged Kesi’s blow and then with His arms angrily seized the demon by the legs, whirled him around in the air and contemptuously threw him the distance of one hundred bow-lengths, just as Garuda might throw a snake. Lord Krsna then stood there.

SB 10.37.5
sah labdha-samjñah punar utthito rusa
 vyadaya kesi tarasapatad dharim
so ’py asya vaktre bhujam uttaram smayan
 pravesayam asa yathoragam bile

Upon regaining consciousness Kesi angrily got up, opened his mouth wide and again rushed to attack Lord Krsna. But the Lord just smiled and thrust His left arm into the horse’s mouth as easily as one would make a snake enter a hole in the ground.

SB 10.37.6
danta nipetur bhagavad-bhuja-sprsas
 te kesinas tapta-maya-sprso yatha
bahus ca tad-deha-gato mahatmano
 yathamayah samvavrdhe upeksitah

Kesi’s teeth immediately fell out when they touched the Supreme Lord’s arm, which to the demon felt as hot as molten iron. Within Kesi’s body the Supreme Personality’s arm then expanded greatly, like a diseased stomach swelling because of neglect.

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti points out that although Lord Krsna’s arm is more tender and cooling than a blue lotus, to Kesi it felt extremely hot as if made of lightning bolts.