Cleansing the Mind by Chanting

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.38.13-17 - Cleansing the Mind by Chanting (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)
Nava Yogendra Swami ISKCON Chowpatty


SB 10.38.13
sa cāvatīrṇaḥ kila sātvatānvaye
yaśo vitanvan vraja āsta īśvaro
 gāyanti devā yad aśeṣa-maṅgalam

That same Supreme Lord has descended into the dynasty of the Sātvatas to delight the exalted demigods, who maintain the principles of religion He has created. Residing in Vṛndāvana, He spreads His fame, which the demigods glorify in song and which brings auspiciousness to all.

SB 10.38.14
taṁ tv adya nūnaṁ mahatāṁ gatiṁ guruṁ
 trailokya-kāntaṁ dṛśiman-mahotsavam
rūpaṁ dadhānaṁ śriya īpsitāspadaṁ
 drakṣye mamāsann uṣasaḥ su-darśanāḥ

Today I shall certainly see Him, the goal and spiritual master of the great souls. Seeing Him brings jubilation to all who have eyes, for He is the true beauty of the universe. Indeed, His personal form is the shelter desired by the goddess of fortune. Now all the dawns of my life have become auspicious.

SB 10.38.15
athāvarūḍhaḥ sapadīśayo rathāt
 pradhāna-puṁsoś caraṇaṁ sva-labdhaye
dhiyā dhṛtaṁ yogibhir apy ahaṁ dhruvaṁ
 namasya ābhyāṁ ca sakhīn vanaukasaḥ

Then I will at once alight from my chariot and bow down to the lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma, the Supreme Personalities of Godhead. Theirs are the same feet that great mystic yogīs striving for self-realization bear within their minds. I will also offer my obeisances to the Lords’ cowherd boyfriends and to all the other residents of Vṛndāvana.

SB 10.38.16
apy aṅghri-mūle patitasya me vibhuḥ
 śirasy adhāsyan nija-hasta-paṅkajam
dattābhayaṁ kāla-bhujāṅga-raṁhasā
 prodvejitānāṁ śaraṇaiṣiṇāṁ ṇṛnām

And when I have fallen at His feet, the almighty Lord will place His lotus hand upon my head. For those who seek shelter in Him because they are greatly disturbed by the powerful serpent of time, that hand removes all fear.

SB 10.38.17
samarhaṇaṁ yatra nidhāya kauśikas
 tathā baliś cāpa jagat-trayendratām
yad vā vihāre vraja-yoṣitāṁ śramaṁ
 sparśena saugandhika-gandhy apānudat

By offering charity to that lotus hand, Purandara and Bali earned the status of Indra, King of heaven, and during the pleasure pastimes of the rāsa dance, when the Lord wiped away the gopīs’ perspiration and removed their fatigue, the touch of their faces made that hand as fragrant as a sweet flower.


The Purāṇas call the lotus found in the Mānasa-sarovara Lake a saugandhika. Lord Kṛṣṇa’s lotus hand acquired the fragrance of this flower by coming in contact with the beautiful faces of the gopīs. This specific incident, which occurred during the rāsa-līlā, is described in the Thirty-third Chapter of the Tenth Canto.