Closest Friend Parmatma

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.38.19-21 - Closest Friend Parmatma (download mp3)
by Jagannath Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.38.19
apy anghri-mule ’vahitam krtañjalim
 mam iksita sa-smitam ardraya drsa
sapady apadhvasta-samasta-kilbiso
 vodha mudam vita-visanka urjitam

Thus He will cast His smiling, affectionate glance upon me as I remain fixed with joined palms, fallen in obeisances at His feet. Then all my contamination will at once be dispelled, and I will give up all doubts and feel the most intense bliss.

SB 10.38.20
suhrttamam jñatim ananya-daivatam
 dorbhyam brhadbhyam parirapsyate ’tha mam
atma hi tirthi-kriyate tadaiva me
 bandhas ca karmatmaka ucchvasity atah

Recognizing me as an intimate friend and relative, Krsna will embrace me with His mighty arms, instantly sanctifying my body and diminishing to nil all my material bondage, which is due to fruitive activities.

SB 10.38.21
labdhvanga-sangam pranatam krtañjalim
 mam vaksyate ’krura tatety urusravah
tada vayam janma-bhrto mahiyasa
 naivadrto yo dhig amusya janma tat

Having been embraced by the all-famous Lord Krsna, I will humbly stand before Him with bowed head and joined palms, and He will address me, “My dear Akrura.” At that very moment my life’s purpose will be fulfilled. Indeed, the life of anyone whom the Supreme Personality fails to recognize is simply pitiable.