Taking Exclusive Shelter of Krishna

Srimad Bhagavatam10.37.07-09 - Taking Exclusive Shelter of Krishna (download mp3)
by Damodar Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.37.7
samedhamanena sa krsna-bahuna
 niruddha-vayus caranams ca viksipan
prasvinna-gatrah parivrtta-locanah
 papata landam visrjan ksitau vyasuh

As Lord Krsna’s expanding arm completely blocked Kesi’s breathing, his legs kicked convulsively, his body became covered with sweat, and his eyes rolled around. The demon then passed stool and fell on the ground, dead.

SB 10.37.8
tad-dehatah karkatika-phalopamad
 vyasor apakrsya bhujam maha-bhujah
avismito ’yatna-hatarikah suraih
 prasuna-varsair varsadbhir iditah

The mighty-armed Krsna withdrew His arm from Kesi’s body, which now appeared like a long karkatika fruit. Without the least display of pride at having so effortlessly killed His enemy, the Lord accepted the demigods’ worship in the form of flowers rained down from above.

SB 10.37.9
devarsir upasangamya
 bhagavata-pravaro nrpa
krsnam aklista-karmanam
 rahasy etad abhasata

My dear King, thereafter Lord Krsna was approached in a solitary place by the great sage among the demigods, Narada Muni. That most exalted devotee spoke as follows to the Lord, who effortlessly performs His pastimes.

After speaking with Kamsa, Narada went to see Lord Krsna. The Lord’s Vrndavana pastimes were nearly completed, and Narada wanted to see those He would enact in Mathura.