Making Devotional Service with Devotional Service

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.41.26-40 - Making Devotional Service with Devotional Service (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Candramauli Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.41.26
asnantya ekas tad apasya sotsava
 abhyajyamana akrtopamajjanah
svapantya utthaya nisamya nihsvanam
 prapayayantyo ’rbham apohya matarah

Those who were taking their meals abandoned them, others went out without finishing their baths or massages, women who were sleeping at once rose when they heard the commotion, and mothers breast-feeding their infants simply put them aside.

SB 10.41.27
manamsi tasam aravinda-locanah
jahara matta-dviradendra-vikramo
 drsam dadac chri-ramanatmanotsavam

The lotus-eyed Lord, smiling as He recalled His bold pastimes, captivated those ladies’ minds with His glances. He walked with the gait of a lordly elephant in rut, creating a festival for their eyes with His transcendental body, which is the source of pleasure for the divine goddess of fortune.

SB 10.41.28
drstva muhuh srutam anudruta-cetasas
 tam tat-preksanotsmita-sudhoksana-labdha-manah
ananda-murtim upaguhya drsatma-labdham
 hrsyat-tvaco jahur anantam arindamadhim

The ladies of Mathura had repeatedly heard about Krsna, and thus as soon as they saw Him their hearts melted. They felt honored that He was sprinkling upon them the nectar of His glances and broad smiles. Taking Him into their hearts through their eyes, they embraced Him, the embodiment of all ecstasy, and as their bodily hairs stood on end, O subduer of enemies, they forgot the unlimited distress caused by His absence.

SB 10.41.29
abhyavarsan saumanasyaih
 pramada bala-kesavau

Their lotus faces blooming with affection, the ladies who had climbed to the roofs of the mansions rained down showers of flowers upon Lord Balarama and Lord Krsna.

SB 10.41.30
dadhy-aksataih soda-patraih
 srag-gandhair abhyupayanaih
tav anarcuh pramuditas
 tatra tatra dvijatayah

Brahmanas standing along the way honored the two Lords with presentations of yogurt, unbroken barleycorns, pots full of water, garlands, fragrant substances such as sandalwood paste, and other items of worship.

SB 10.41.31
ucuh paura aho gopyas
 tapah kim acaran mahat
ya hy etav anupasyanti

The women of Mathura exclaimed: Oh, what severe austerities the gopis must have performed to be able to regularly see Krsna and Balarama, who are the greatest source of pleasure for all mankind!

SB 10.41.32
rajakam kañcid ayantam
 ranga-karam gadagrajah
drstvayacata vasamsi
 dhautany aty-uttamani ca

Seeing a washerman approaching who had been dyeing some clothes, Krsna asked him for the finest laundered garments he had.

SB 10.41.33
dehy avayoh samucitany
 anga vasamsi carhatoh
bhavisyati param sreyo
 datus te natra samsayah

[Lord Krsna said:] Please give suitable garments to the two of Us, who certainly deserve them. If you grant this charity, you will undoubtedly receive the greatest benefit.

SB 10.41.34
sa yacito bhagavata
 paripurnena sarvatah
saksepam rusitah praha
 bhrtyo rajñah su-durmadah

Thus requested by the Supreme Lord, who is perfectly complete in all respects, that arrogant servant of the King became angry and replied insultingly.

SB 10.41.35
idrsany eva vasamsi
 nityam giri-vane-carah
paridhatta kim udvrtta
 raja-dravyany abhipsatha

[The washerman said:] You impudent boys! You’re accustomed to roaming the mountains and forests, and yet You would dare put on such clothes as these! These are the King’s possessions You’re asking for!

SB 10.41.36
yatasu balisa maivam
 prarthyam yadi jijivisa
badhnanti ghnanti lumpanti
 drptam raja-kulani vai

Fools, get out of here quickly! Don’t beg like this if You want to stay alive. When someone is too bold, the King’s men arrest him and kill him and take all his property.

SB 10.41.37
evam vikatthamanasya
 kupito devaki-sutah
rajakasya karagrena
 sirah kayad apatayat

As the washerman thus spoke brazenly, the son of Devaki became angry, and then merely with His fingertips He separated the man’s head from his body.

SB 10.41.38
tasyanujivinah sarve
 vasah-kosan visrjya vai
dudruvuh sarvato margam
 vasamsi jagrhe ’cyutah

The washerman’s assistants all dropped their bundles of clothes and fled down the road, scattering in all directions. Lord Krsna then took the clothes.

SB 10.41.39
vasitvatma-priye vastre
 krsnah sankarsanas tatha
sesany adatta gopebhyo
 visrjya bhuvi kanicit

Krsna and Balarama put on pairs of garments that especially pleased Them, and then Krsna distributed the remaining clothes among the cowherd boys, leaving some scattered on the ground.

SB 10.41.40
tatas tu vayakah pritas
 tayor vesam akalpayat
vicitra-varnais caileyair
 akalpair anurupatah

Thereupon a weaver came forward and, feeling affection for the Lords, nicely adorned Their attire with cloth ornaments of various colors.

Srila Jiva Gosvami explains that the weaver adorned the Lords with cloth armlets and earrings that looked just like jewels. The word anurupatah indicates that the colors matched nicely.