Prayers of Transformation

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.41.09-17 - Prayers of Transformation (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Kavichandra Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.41.9
tan sametyaha bhagavan
 akruram jagad-isvarah
grhitva panina panim
 prasritam prahasann iva

After joining Nanda and the others, the Supreme Lord Krsna, the controller of the universe, took humble Akrura’s hand in His own and, smiling, spoke as follows.

SB 10.41.10
bhavan pravisatam agre
 saha-yanah purim grham
vayam tv ihavamucyatha
 tato draksyamahe purim

[Lord Krsna said:] Take the chariot and enter the city ahead of us. Then go home. After resting here a while, we will go to see the city.

SB 10.41.11
sri-akrura uvaca
naham bhavadbhyam rahitah
 praveksye mathuram prabho
tyaktum narhasi mam natha
 bhaktam te bhakta-vatsala

Sri Akrura said: O master, without the two of You I shall not enter Mathura. I am Your devotee, O Lord, so it is not fair for You to abandon me, since You are always affectionate to Your devotees.

SB 10.41.12
agaccha yama gehan nah
 sa-nathan kurv adhoksaja
sahagrajah sa-gopalaih
 suhrdbhis ca suhrttama

Come, let us go to my house with Your elder brother, the cowherd men and Your companions. O best of friends, O transcendental Lord, in this way please grace my house with its master.

SB 10.41.13
punihi pada-rajasa
 grhan no grha-medhinam
 pitarah sagnayah surah

I am simply an ordinary householder attached to ritual sacrifices, so please purify my home with the dust of Your lotus feet. By that act of purification, my forefathers, the sacrificial fires and the demigods will all become satisfied.

SB 10.41.14
 asit slokyo balir mahan
aisvaryam atulam lebhe
 gatim caikantinam tu ya

By bathing Your feet, the exalted Bali Maharaja attained not only glorious fame and unequaled power but also the final destination of pure devotees.

SB 10.41.15
apas te ’nghry-avanejanyas
 triḻ lokan sucayo ’punan
sirasadhatta yah sarvah
 svar yatah sagaratmajah

The water of the river Ganges has purified the three worlds, having become transcendental by bathing Your feet. Lord Siva accepted that water on his head, and by that water’s grace the sons of King Sagara attained to heaven.

SB 10.41.16
deva-deva jagan-natha
 narayana namo ’stu te

O Lord of lords, master of the universe, O You whose glories it is most pious to hear and chant! O best of the Yadus, O You whose fame is recounted in excellent poetry! O Supreme Lord Narayana, I offer You my obeisances.

SB 10.41.17
sri-bhagavan uvaca
ayasye bhavato geham
 aham arya-samanvitah
yadu-cakra-druham hatva
 vitarisye suhrt-priyam

The Supreme Lord said: I will come to Your house with My elder brother, but first I must satisfy My friends and well-wishers by killing the enemy of the Yadu clan.

Akrura glorified Krsna in text 16 as yaduttama, “the best of the Yadus.” Sri Krsna here confirms this by saying, in effect, “Since I am the best of the Yadus, I must kill the enemy of the Yadus, Kamsa, and then I will come to your house.”