Effect of Krishna's Darshan

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.44.08-13 - Effect of Krishna's Darshan (download mp3)
by Mahananda Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.44.8
kva vajra-sara-sarvangau
 mallau sailendra-sannibhau
kva cati-sukumarangau
 kisorau napta-yauvanau

What comparison can there be between these two professional wrestlers, with limbs as strong as lightning bolts and bodies resembling mighty mountains, and these two young, immature boys with exceedingly tender limbs?

SB 10.44.9
dharma-vyatikramo hy asya
 samajasya dhruvam bhavet
yatradharmah samuttisthen
 na stheyam tatra karhicit

Religious principles have certainly been violated in this assembly. One should not remain for even a moment in a place where irreligion is flourishing.

SB 10.44.10
na sabham praviset prajñah
 sabhya-dosan anusmaran
abruvan vibruvann ajño
 narah kilbisam asnute

A wise person should not enter an assembly if he knows the participants there are committing acts of impropriety. And if, having entered such an assembly, he fails to speak the truth, speaks falsely or pleads ignorance, he will certainly incur sin.

SB 10.44.11
valgatah satrum abhitah
 krsnasya vadanambujam
viksyatam srama-vary-uptam
 padma-kosam ivambubhih

Just see the lotus face of Krsna as He darts around His foe! That face, covered with drops of perspiration brought on by the strenuous fight, resembles a lotus covered with dew.

SB 10.44.12
kim na pasyata ramasya
 mukham atamra-locanam
mustikam prati samarsam

Don’t you see the face of Lord Balarama, with its eyes copper-red from His anger toward Mustika and its beauty enhanced by His laughter and His absorption in the fight?

SB 10.44.13
punya bata vraja-bhuvo yad ayam nr-linga
 gudhah purana-puruso vana-citra-malyah
gah palayan saha-balah kvanayams ca venum
 vikridayañcati giritra-ramarcitanghrih

How pious are the tracts of land in Vraja, for there the primeval Personality of Godhead, disguising Himself with human traits, wanders about, enacting His many pastimes! Adorned with wonderfully variegated forest garlands, He whose feet are worshiped by Lord Siva and goddess Rama vibrates His flute as He tends the cows in the company of Balarama.

In this verse the devoted ladies in the audience point out the difference between Mathura and Vrndavana. They want to indicate that in Vrndavana Krsna simply enjoys with His girlfriends and boyfriends, whereas here in Mathura the Lord is subjected to harassment by the bullying tactics of professional wrestlers. Thus the ladies are condemning the city of Mathura because of their pain at seeing Krsna in what they consider an unfair wrestling match. Of course, Mathura is also one of the Lord’s eternal abodes, but here the women in the assembly express their love in a critical mood.