Krishna Uses his Opulence to Facilitate Prema

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.43.23-31 - Krishna Uses his Opulence to Facilitate Prema (download mp3)
by Nanda Dulal Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.43.23

etau bhagavatah saksad
 dharer narayanasya hi
avatirnav ihamsena
 vasudevasya vesmani

[The people said:] These two boys are certainly expansions of the Supreme Lord Narayana who have descended to this world in the home of Vasudeva.

SB 10.43.24
esa vai kila devakyam
 jato nitas ca gokulam
kalam etam vasan gudho
 vavrdhe nanda-vesmani

This one [Krsna] took birth from mother Devaki and was brought to Gokula, where He has remained concealed all this time, growing up in the house of King Nanda.

SB 10.43.25
putananena nitantam
 cakravatas ca danavah
arjunau guhyakah kesi
 dhenuko ’nye ca tad-vidhah

He made Putana and the whirlwind demon meet with death, pulled down the twin Arjuna trees, and killed Sankhacuda, Kesi, Dhenuka and similar demons.

SB 10.43.26-27
gavah sa-pala etena
 davagneh parimocitah
kaliyo damitah sarpa
 indras ca vimadah krtah
saptaham eka-hastena
 dhrto ’dri-pravaro ’muna
varsa-vatasanibhyas ca
 paritratam ca gokulam

He saved the cows and the cowherds from a forest fire and subdued the serpent Kaliya. He removed Lord Indra’s false pride by holding up the best of mountains with one hand for an entire week, thus protecting the inhabitants of Gokula from rain, wind and hail.

SB 10.43.28
gopyo ’sya nitya-mudita-
 hasita-preksanam mukham
pasyantyo vividhams tapams
 taranti smasramam muda

The gopis overcame all kinds of distress and experienced great happiness by seeing His face, which is always cheerful with smiling glances and ever free of fatigue.

SB 10.43.29
vadanty anena vamso ’yam
 yadoh su-bahu-visrutah
sriyam yaso mahatvam ca
 lapsyate pariraksitah

It is said that under His full protection the Yadu dynasty will become extremely famous and attain wealth, glory and power.

SB 10.43.30
ayam casyagrajah sriman
 ramah kamala-locanah
pralambo nihato yena
 vatsako ye bakadayah

This lotus-eyed elder brother of His, Lord Balarama, is the proprietor of all transcendental opulences. He has killed Pralamba, Vatsaka, Baka and other demons.

In fact two of the demons mentioned here were killed by Krsna, not Balarama. The reason for the mistake is that as news of Krsna’s exploits spread among ordinary people, the facts became somewhat muddled. The same tendency can be observed in modern newspapers.

SB 10.43.31
janesv evam bruvanesu
 turyesu ninadatsu ca
krsna-ramau samabhasya
 canuro vakyam abravit

While the people talked in this way and the musical instruments resounded, the wrestler Canura addressed Krsna and Balarama with the following words.

Canura could not tolerate that the audience was praising Krsna so highly. Therefore he had to say something to the two brothers.