Making Right Choice

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.42.04-10 - Making Right Choice (download mp3)
by Gopinath Chandra Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.42.4
dharsitatma dadau sandram
 ubhayor anulepanam

Her mind overwhelmed by Krsna’s beauty, charm, sweetness, smiles, words and glances, Trivakra gave both Krsna and Balarama generous amounts of ointment.

This incident is also described in the Visnu Purana (5.20.7):

srutva tam aha sa krsnam
 grhyatam iti sadaram
anulepanam pradadau
 gatra-yogyam athobhayoh

“Hearing this, she respectfully replied to Lord Krsna, ‘Please take it,’ and gave both of Them ointment suitable for applying to Their bodies.”

SB 10.42.5
tatas tav anga-ragena
 susubhate ’nuraƱjitau

Anointed with these most excellent cosmetics, which adorned Them with hues that contrasted with Their complexions, the two Lords appeared extremely beautiful.

The acaryas suggest that Krsna spread yellow ointment upon His body, and Balarama blue ointment upon His.

SB 10.42.6
prasanno bhagavan kubjam
 trivakram rucirananam
rjvim kartum manas cakre
 darsayan darsane phalam

Lord Krsna was pleased with Trivakra, so He decided to straighten that hunchbacked girl with the lovely face just to demonstrate the result of seeing Him.

SB 10.42.7
padbhyam akramya prapade
pragrhya cibuke ’dhyatmam
 udaninamad acyutah

Pressing down on her toes with both His feet, Lord Acyuta placed one upward-pointing finger of each hand under her chin and straightened up her body.

SB 10.42.8
sa tadarju-samanangi
mukunda-sparsanat sadyo
 babhuva pramadottama

Simply by Lord Mukunda’s touch, Trivakra was suddenly transformed into an exquisitely beautiful woman with straight, evenly proportioned limbs and large hips and breasts.

SB 10.42.9
tato rupa-gunaudarya-
 sampanna praha kesavam
uttariyantam akrsya
 smayanti jata-hrc-chaya

Now endowed with beauty, character and generosity, Trivakra began to feel lusty desires for Lord Kesava. Taking hold of the end of His upper cloth, she smiled and addressed Him as follows.

SB 10.42.10
ehi vira grham yamo
 na tvam tyaktum ihotsahe
 prasida purusarsabha

[Trivakra said:] Come, O hero, let us go to my house. I cannot bear to leave You here. O best of males, please take pity on me, since You have agitated my mind.

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti supplies the following conversation:

Krsna: Is it for the purpose of dining that you’re inviting Me to your house?

Trivakra: I simply can’t leave You here.

Krsna: But people here on the King’s road will misconstrue what you’re saying and laugh. Therefore please don’t speak like this.

Trivakra: I can’t help being agitated. You made the mistake of touching me. It’s not my fault.