Compassion of a Devotee Reminds Us of Krishna

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.46.08-14 - Compassion of a Devotee Reminds Us of Krishna (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Sridhama Sakha Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.46.8
prapto nanda-vrajam sriman
 nimlocati vibhavasau
channa-yanah pravisatam
 pasunam khura-renubhih

The fortunate Uddhava reached Nanda Maharaja’s pastures just as the sun was setting, and since the returning cows and other animals were raising dust with their hooves, his chariot passed unnoticed.

SB 10.46.9-13
vasitarthe ’bhiyudhyadbhir
 naditam susmibhir vrsaih
dhavantibhis ca vasrabhir
 udho-bharaih sva-vatsakan
itas tato vilanghadbhir
 go-vatsair manditam sitaih
 venunam nihsvanena ca
gayantibhis ca karmani
 subhani bala-krsnayoh
sv-alankrtabhir gopibhir
 gopais ca su-virajitam
dhupa-dipais ca malyais ca
 gopavasair mano-ramam
sarvatah puspita-vanam
 padma-sandais ca manditam

Gokula resounded on all sides with the sounds of bulls in rut fighting with one another for fertile cows; with the mooing of cows, burdened by their udders, chasing after their calves; with the noise of milking and of the white calves jumping here and there; with the loud reverberation of flute-playing; and with the singing of the all-auspicious deeds of Krsna and Balarama by the cowherd men and women, who made the village resplendent with their wonderfully ornamented attire. The cowherds’ homes in Gokula appeared most charming with their abundant paraphernalia for worship of the sacrificial fire, the sun, unexpected guests, the cows, the brahmanas, the forefathers and the demigods. On all sides lay the flowering forest, echoing with flocks of birds and swarms of bees and beautified by its lakes crowded with swans, karandava ducks and bowers of lotuses.

Although Gokula was merged in grief because of separation from Lord Krsna, the Lord expanded His internal potency to cover that particular manifestation of Vraja and allow Uddhava to see the normal bustle and joy of Vraja at sunset.

SB 10.46.14
tam agatam samagamya
 krsnasyanucaram priyam
nandah pritah parisvajya

As soon as Uddhava arrived at Nanda Maharaja’s home, Nanda came forward to meet him. The cowherd King embraced him in great happiness and worshiped him as nondifferent from Lord Vasudeva.

Uddhava looked just like Nanda’s son Krsna and gave pleasure to anyone who saw him. Thus although Nanda was absorbed in thoughts of separation from Krsna, when he saw Uddhava coming toward his house, he became aware of external events and eagerly went out to embrace his exalted visitor.