Shallowness of Material Relationship

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.47.07-10 - Shallowness of Material Relationship (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Vrishabhanu Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.47.7
nihsvam tyajanti ganika
 akalpam nrpatim prajah
adhita-vidya acaryam
 rtvijo datta-daksinam

Prostitutes abandon a penniless man, subjects an incompetent king, students their teacher once they have finished their education, and priests a man who has remunerated them for a sacrifice.

SB 10.47.8
khaga vita-phalam vrksam
 bhuktva catithayo grham
dagdham mrgas tatharanyam
 jara bhuktva ratam striyam

Birds abandon a tree when its fruits are gone, guests a house after they have eaten, animals a forest that has burnt down, and a lover the woman he has enjoyed, even though she remains attached to him.

SB 10.47.9-10
iti gopyo hi govinde
krsna-dute samayate
 uddhave tyakta-laukikah
gayantyah priya-karmani
 rudantyas ca gata-hriyah
tasya samsmrtya samsmrtya
 yani kaisora-balyayoh

Thus speaking, the gopis, whose words, bodies and minds were fully dedicated to Lord Govinda, put aside all their regular work now that Krsna’s messenger, Sri Uddhava, had arrived among them. Constantly remembering the activities their beloved Krsna had performed in His childhood and youth, they sang about them and cried without shame.

The word balyayoh here indicates that ever since their childhood, the gopis had been completely in love with Krsna. Thus even though social custom dictated that they not reveal their love to others, they forgot all external considerations and openly wept before Krsna’s messenger, Uddhava.