Balance Between Affection and Duty

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.48.31-36 - Balance Between Affection and Duty (download mp3)
by Nanda Dulal Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.48.31
na hy am-mayani tirthani
 na deva mrc-chila-mayah
te punanty uru-kalena
 darsanad eva sadhavah

No one can deny that there are holy places with sacred rivers, or that the demigods appear in deity forms made of earth and stone. But these purify the soul only after a long time, whereas saintly persons purify just by being seen.

SB 10.48.32
sa bhavan suhrdam vai nah
 sreyan sreyas-cikirsaya
jijñasartham pandavanam
 gacchasva tvam gajahvayam

You are indeed the best of Our friends, so please go to Hastinapura and, as the well-wisher of the Pandavas, find out how they are doing.

In Sanskrit the imperative “you go” may be rendered by gacchasva or gaccha. In the second of these cases, the word following gaccha, namely sva, which is taken in the vocative sense, indicates Krsna addressing Akrura as “Our own.” This is in reference to Lord Krsna’s intimate relationship with His uncle.

SB 10.48.33
pitary uparate balah
 saha matra su-duhkhitah
anitah sva-puram rajña
 vasanta iti susruma

We have heard that when their father passed away, the young Pandavas were brought with their anguished mother to the capital city by King Dhrtarastra, and that they are now living there.

SB 10.48.34
tesu rajambika-putro
 bhratr-putresu dina-dhih
samo na vartate nunam
 dusputra-vasa-go ’ndha-drk

Indeed, weak-minded Dhrtarastra, the son of Ambika, has come under the control of his wicked sons, and therefore that blind King is not treating his brother’s sons fairly.

SB 10.48.35
gaccha janihi tad-vrttam
 adhuna sadhv asadhu va
vijñaya tad vidhasyamo
 yatha sam suhrdam bhavet

Go and see whether Dhrtarastra is acting properly or not. When We find out, We will make the necessary arrangements to help Our dear friends.

SB 10.48.36
ity akruram samadisya
 bhagavan harir isvarah
sankarsanoddhavabhyam vai
 tatah sva-bhavanam yayau

[Sukadeva Gosvami continued:] Thus fully instructing Akrura, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Hari then returned to His residence, accompanied by Lord Sankarsana and Uddhava.

Thus end the purports of the humble servants of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada to the Tenth Canto, Forty-eighth Chapter, of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, entitled “Krsna Pleases His Devotees.”