Yavana Like Mentality

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.50.46-53 - Yavana Like Mentality (download mp3)
by Vraj Chandra Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.50.46
yavano ’yam nirundhe ’sman
 adya tavan maha-balah
magadho ’py adya va svo va
 parasvo vagamisyati

“This Yavana is besieging us already, and the mighty King of Magadha will soon arrive here, if not today then tomorrow or the next day.

SB 10.50.47
avayoh yudhyator asya
 yady aganta jara-sutah
bandhun hanisyaty atha va
 nesyate sva-puram bali

“If powerful Jarasandha comes while We two are busy fighting Kalayavana, Jarasandha may kill Our relatives or else take them away to his capital.

SB 10.50.48
tasmad adya vidhasyamo
 durgam dvipada-durgamam
tatra jñatin samadhaya
 yavanam ghatayamahe

“Therefore We will immediately construct a fortress that no human force can penetrate. Let Us settle our family members there and then kill the barbarian king.”

SB 10.50.49
iti sammantrya bhagavan
 durgam dvadasa-yojanam
antah-samudre nagaram
 krtsnadbhutam acikarat

After thus discussing the matter with Balarama, the Supreme Personality of Godhead had a fortress twelve yojanas in circumference built within the sea. Inside that fort He had a city built containing all kinds of wonderful things.

SB 10.50.50-53
drsyate yatra hi tvastram
 vijñanam silpa-naipunam
 yatha-vastu vinirmitam
hema-srngair divi-sprgbhih
rajatarakutaih kosthair
 hema-kumbhair alankrtaih
ratna-kutair grhair hemair
vastospatinam ca grhair
 vallabhibhis ca nirmitam

In the construction of that city could be seen the full scientific knowledge and architectural skill of Visvakarma. There were wide avenues, commercial roads and courtyards laid out on ample plots of land; there were splendid parks, and also gardens stocked with trees and creepers from the heavenly planets. The gateway towers were topped with golden turrets touching the sky, and their upper levels were fashioned of crystal quartz. The gold-covered houses were adorned in front with golden pots and on top with jeweled roofs, and their floors were inlaid with precious emeralds. Beside the houses stood treasury buildings, warehouses, and stables for fine horses, all built of silver and brass. Each residence had a watchtower, and also a temple for its household deity. Filled with citizens of all four social orders, the city was especially beautified by the palaces of Sri Krsna, the Lord of the Yadus.

Srila Sridhara Svami explains that the state highways (rathyah) were in front and the secondary roads (vithyah) behind, and between them were courtyards (catvarani). Within these courtyards were surrounding walls, and within the walls stood golden residences, atop which shone crystal watchtowers crowned with golden pots. Thus the buildings were multistoried. The word vastu indicates that the houses and buildings were constructed on ample plots of land, with plenty of room for green areas.