Rukmini's Message to Lord Krishna

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.52.06-12 - Rukmini's Message to Lord Krishna (download mp3)
by Sankirtan Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.52.6
niyamane dhane gobhir
 nrbhis cacyuta-coditaih
ajagama jarasandhas

As the wealth was being carried by oxen and men under Lord Krsna’s direction, Jarasandha appeared at the head of twenty-three armies.

SB 10.52.7
vilokya vega-rabhasam
 ripu-sainyasya madhavau
manusya-cestam apannau
 rajan dudruvatur drutam

O King, seeing the fierce waves of the enemy’s army, the two Madhavas, imitating human behavior, ran swiftly away.

SB 10.52.8
vihaya vittam pracuram
 abhitau bhiru-bhita-vat
padbhyam palasabhyam
 celatur bahu-yojanam

Abandoning the abundant riches, fearless but feigning fear, They went many yojanas on Their lotuslike feet.

SB 10.52.9
palayamanau tau drstva
 magadhah prahasan bali
anvadhavad rathanikair
 isayor apramana-vit

When he saw Them fleeing, powerful Jarasandha laughed loudly and then pursued Them with charioteers and foot soldiers. He could not understand the exalted position of the two Lords.

SB 10.52.10
pradrutya duram samsrantau
 tungam aruhatam girim
pravarsanakhyam bhagavan
 nityada yatra varsati

Apparently exhausted after fleeing a long distance, the two Lords climbed a high mountain named Pravarsana, upon which Lord Indra showers incessant rain.

SB 10.52.11
girau nilinav aj├▒aya
 nadhigamya padam nrpa
dadaha girim edhobhih
 samantad agnim utsrjan

Although he knew They were hiding on the mountain, Jarasandha could find no trace of Them. Therefore, O King, he placed firewood on all sides and set the mountain ablaze.

Clearly we are observing one of the Supreme Lord’s transcendental pastimes. Although the Bhagavatam states that the two Lords, Krsna and Balarama, were “exhausted,” even in Their so-called exhausted state They were able to quickly climb a high mountain and shortly thereafter jump off it to the ground. It would be unwise and illogical to ignore the whole picture the sages are giving us here and instead try to pick apart isolated descriptions. Clearly we are watching the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the midst of His spiritual pastimes; we are not observing an ordinary human being. Lord Krsna and Lord Balarama were still quite young men when this pastime took place, and one can easily see in these descriptions how They must have been enjoying Themselves, eagerly fleeing from the somewhat ridiculous King Jarasandha, racing up a mountain, jumping off and totally befuddling the constantly failing demon, who somehow or other never lost confidence in himself. Seen without envy or quarrelsomeness, the Lord’s pastimes are immensely entertaining.

SB 10.52.12
tata utpatya tarasa
 dahyamana-tatad ubhau
dasaika-yojanat tungan
 nipetatur adho bhuvi

The two of Them then suddenly jumped from the burning mountain, which was eleven yojanas high, and fell to the ground.

Eleven yojanas is approximately ninety miles.