Gratefully Accept From Great Souls

SB 10.51.33-42 - Gratefully Accept From Great Souls (download mp3), (download flv) and (download mp4)
by Dwarakadhish Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.51.33
so ’pi bhasmi-krto nunam
 atmiyenaiva papmana
anantaram bhavan srima
 laksito ’mitra-sasanah

The man who woke me was burned to ashes by the reaction of his sins. Just then I saw You, possessing a glorious appearance and the power to chastise Your enemies.

Kalayavana had declared himself the enemy of Sri Krsna and the Yadu dynasty. Through Mucukunda, Sri Krsna destroyed the opposition of that foolish barbarian.

SB 10.51.34
tejasa te ’visahyena
 bhuri drastum na saknumah
hataujasa maha-bhaga
 mananiyo ’si dehinam

Your unbearably brilliant effulgence overwhelms our strength, and thus we cannot fix our gaze upon You. O exalted one, You are to be honored by all embodied beings.

SB 10.51.35
evam sambhasito rajña
 bhagavan bhuta-bhavanah
pratyaha prahasan vanya

[Sukadeva Gosvami continued:] Thus addressed by the King, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, origin of all creation, smiled and then replied to him in a voice as deep as the rumbling of clouds.

SB 10.51.36
sri-bhagavan uvaca
 santi me ’nga sahasrasah
na sakyante ’nusankhyatum
 anantatvan mayapi hi

The Supreme Lord said: My dear friend, I have taken thousands of births, lived thousands of lives and accepted thousands of names. In fact My births, activities and names are limitless, and thus even I cannot count them.

SB 10.51.37
kvacid rajamsi vimame
 parthivany uru-janmabhih
 na me janmani karhicit
After many lifetimes someone might count the dust particles on the earth, but no one can ever finish counting My qualities, activities, names and births.

SB 10.51.38
 janma-karmani me nrpa
anukramanto naivantam
 gacchanti paramarsayah

O King, the greatest sages enumerate My births and activities, which take place throughout the three phases of time, but never do they reach the end of them.

SB 10.51.39-40
tathapy adyatanany anga
 srnusva gadato mama
vijñapito viriñcena
 puraham dharma-guptaye
bhumer bharayamananam
 asuranam ksayaya ca
avatirno yadu-kule
 grha anakadundubheh
vadanti vasudeveti
 vasudeva-sutam hi mam

Nonetheless, O friend, I will tell you about My current birth, name and activities. Kindly hear. Some time ago, Lord Brahma requested Me to protect religious principles and destroy the demons who were burdening the earth. Thus I descended in the Yadu dynasty, in the home of Anakadundubhi. Indeed, because I am the son of Vasudeva, people call Me Vasudeva.

SB 10.51.41
kalanemir hatah kamsah
 pralambadyas ca sad-dvisah
ayam ca yavano dagdho
 rajams te tigma-caksusa

I have killed Kalanemi, reborn as Kamsa, as well as Pralamba and other enemies of the pious. And now, O King, this barbarian has been burnt to ashes by your piercing glance.

SB 10.51.42
so ’ham tavanugrahartham
 guham etam upagatah
prarthitah pracuram purvam
 tvayaham bhakta-vatsalah

Since in the past you repeatedly prayed to Me, I have personally come to this cave to show you mercy, for I am affectionately inclined to My devotees.

It is apparent from this verse that Mucukunda was a devotee of the Supreme Lord. He had prayed for the Lord’s association, and now Sri Krsna granted his fervent request.