The Deliverance of Mucukunda

SB.10.51.13-19 - The Deliverance of Mucukunda (download mp3)
by Vrajabihari Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.51.13
ko nama sa puman brahman
 kasya kim-virya eva ca
kasmad guham gatah sisye
 kim-tejo yavanardanah

King Pariksit said: Who was that person, O brahmana? To which family did he belong, and what were his powers? Why did that destroyer of the barbarian lie down to sleep in the cave, and whose son was he?

SB 10.51.14
sri-suka uvaca
sa iksvaku-kule jato
 mandhatr-tanayo mahan
mucukunda iti khyato
 brahmanyah satya-sangarah

Sukadeva Gosvami said: Mucukunda was the name of this great personality, who was born in the Iksvaku dynasty as the son of Mandhata. He was devoted to brahminical culture and always true to his vow in battle.

SB 10.51.15
sa yacitah sura-ganair
 indradyair atma-raksane
asurebhyah paritrastais
 tad-raksam so ’karoc ciram

Begged by Indra and the other demigods to help protect them when they were terrorized by the demons, Mucukunda defended them for a long time.

SB 10.51.16
labdhva guham te svah-palam
 mucukundam athabruvan
rajan viramatam krcchrad
 bhavan nah paripalanat

When the demigods obtained Karttikeya as their general, they told Mucukunda, “O King, you may now give up your troublesome duty of guarding us.

SB 10.51.17
nara-lokam parityajya
 rajyam nihata-kantakam
asman palayato vira
 kamas te sarva ujjhitah

“Abandoning an unopposed kingdom in the world of men, O valiant one, you neglected all your personal desires while engaged in protecting us.

SB 10.51.18
suta mahisyo bhavato
 j├▒atayo ’matya-mantrinah
prajas ca tulya-kalina
 nadhuna santi kalitah

“The children, queens, relatives, ministers, advisers and subjects who were your contemporaries are no longer alive. They have all been swept away by time.

SB 10.51.19
kalo baliyan balinam
 bhagavan isvaro ’vyayah
prajah kalayate kridan
 pasu-palo yatha pasun

“Inexhaustible time, stronger than the strong, is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. Like a herdsman moving his animals along, He moves mortal creatures as His pastime.

The universe is created to gradually rectify the contaminated souls trying to exploit material nature. The Lord moves the conditioned souls along, according to their karma, through the various stages of spiritual rectification. Thus the Lord is like a herdsman (the word pasu-pala literally means “protector of animals”), who moves the creatures under his protection to various pastures and watering spots in order to protect them and sustain them. A further analogy is that of a doctor, who moves the patient under his care to various areas of a hospital for diverse kinds of examination and treatment. Similarly, the Lord brings us through the network of material existence in a gradual cleansing process so that we can enjoy our eternal life of bliss and knowledge as His enlightened associates. Thus all of Mucukunda’s relatives, friends and co-workers had long ago been swept away by the force of time, which of course is Krsna Himself.