Be Aware and Act Quickly

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.52.26-30 - Be Aware and Act Quickly (download mp3)
by Mukundmala Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.52.26
tad avetyasitapangi
 vaidarbhi durmana bhrsam
vicintyaptam dvijam kaƱcit
 krsnaya prahinod drutam

Dark-eyed Vaidarbhi was aware of this plan, and it deeply upset her. Analyzing the situation, she quickly sent a trustworthy brahmana to Krsna.

SB 10.52.27
dvarakam sa samabhyetya
 pratiharaih pravesitah
apasyad adyam purusam
 asinam kaƱcanasane

Upon reaching Dvaraka, the brahmana was brought inside by the gatekeepers and saw the primeval Personality of Godhead sitting on a golden throne.

SB 10.52.28
drstva brahmanya-devas tam
 avaruhya nijasanat
upavesyarhayam cakre
 yathatmanam divaukasah

Seeing the brahmana, Sri Krsna, Lord of the brahmanas, came down from His throne and seated him. Then the Lord worshiped him just as He Himself is worshiped by the demigods.

SB 10.52.29
tam bhuktavantam visrantam
 upagamya satam gatih
paninabhimrsan padav
 avyagras tam aprcchata

After the brahmana had eaten and rested, Sri Krsna, the goal of saintly devotees, came forward, and while massaging the brahmana’s feet with His own hands, He patiently questioned him as follows.

SB 10.52.30
kaccid dvija-vara-srestha
 dharmas te vrddha-sammatah
vartate nati-krcchrena
 santusta-manasah sada

[The Supreme Lord said:] O best of exalted brahmanas, are your religious practices, sanctioned by senior authorities, proceeding without great difficulty? Is your mind always fully satisfied?

Here we have translated the word dharma as “religious practice,” although this does not fully convey the Sanskrit sense of the word. Krsna did not appear within a secular society. The people in Vedic times could hardly imagine a society that did not understand the need to obey God’s law. Thus to them the word dharma conveyed a sense of duty in general, higher principles, prescribed duty and so on. It was automatically understood that such duties were within a religious context. But religion in those days was not a specific aspect or department of life, but rather a guiding light for all activities. Irreligious life was considered demoniac, and God’s hand was seen in everything.