Lesson From Marriage of Krishna to 16100 Princesses

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.59.34-41 - Lesson From Marriage of Krishna to 16100 Princesses (download mp3)
by Radhika Vallabha Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.59.34
tam pravistam striyo viksya
 nara-varyam vimohitah
manasa vavrire ’bhistam
 patim daivopasaditam

The women became enchanted when they saw that most excellent of males enter. In their minds they each accepted Him, who had been brought there by destiny, as their chosen husband.

SB 10.59.35
bhuyat patir ayam mahyam
 dhata tad anumodatam
iti sarvah prthak krsne
 bhavena hrdayam dadhuh

With the thought “May providence grant that this man become my husband,” each and every princess absorbed her heart in contemplation of Krsna.

SB 10.59.36
tah prahinod dvaravatim
nara-yanair maha-kosan
 rathasvan dravinam mahat

The Lord had the princesses arrayed in clean, spotless garments and then sent them in palanquins to Dvaraka, together with great treasures of chariots, horses and other valuables.

SB 10.59.37
airavata-kulebhams ca
 catur-dantams tarasvinah
pandurams ca catuh-sastim
 prerayam asa kesavah

Lord Krsna also dispatched sixty-four swift white elephants, descendants of Airavata, who each sported four tusks.

SB 10.59.38-39
gatva surendra-bhavanam
 dattvadityai ca kundale
pujitas tridasendrena
 mahendryanya ca sa-priyah
codito bharyayotpatya
 parijatam garutmati
aropya sendran vibudhan
 nirjityopanayat puram

The Lord then went to the abode of Indra, the demigods’ king, and gave mother Aditi her earrings; there Indra and his wife worshiped Krsna and His beloved consort Satyabhama. Then, at Satyabhama’s behest the Lord uprooted the heavenly parijata tree and put it on the back of Garuda. After defeating Indra and all the other demigods, Krsna brought the parijata to His capital.

SB 10.59.40
sthapitah satyabhamaya
anvagur bhramarah svargat

Once planted, the parijata tree beautified the garden of Queen Satyabhama’s palace. Bees followed the tree all the way from heaven, greedy for its fragrance and sweet sap.

SB 10.59.41
yayaca anamya kirita-kotibhih
 padau sprsann acyutam artha-sadhanam
siddhartha etena vigrhyate mahan
 aho suranam ca tamo dhig adhyatam

Even after Indra had bowed down to Lord Acyuta, touched His feet with the tips of his crown and begged the Lord to fulfill his desire, that exalted demigod, having achieved his purpose, chose to fight with the Supreme Lord. What ignorance there is among the gods! To hell with their opulence!

It is well known that material wealth and power tend to produce arrogance, and thus an opulent life can often be the royal road to hell.